‘I Used to Feel Sorry for Her After Ye’: Black Twitter Drags Amber Rose for Popping Out in Her MAGA Gear, Fans Believe She’s Being Paid to Campaign ‘Too Hard’ for Donald Trump

Social influencer and celebrity girlfriend Amber Rose has made a career standing next to rappers and entertainers. In the past, she has popped out on the scene as Kanye West’s blond bombshell girlfriend and then had a child with Wiz Khalifah.

Not to mention she has another son with Cher’s 38-year-old boyfriend. Last December, many assumed Rose was no longer single after being seen with comedian Chris Rock.

She is once again capturing headlines, this time alongside a new figure in the rap world, Forgiato Blow, a spit kicker who boasts the self-proclaimed title as the Mayor of Magaville.

Amber rose wears her maga gear
Amber Rose Shocks Fans after she wear full on MAGA gear in new campaign ad for Donald Trump. (Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images)

Forgiato Blow and the Slut Walk founder are not romantically linked, but they share a common obsession with Donald Trump.

The Trumpers appeared in a social media video stumping for the former president of the United States.

“Aye, you see what it is. Forgiato Blow found the best ‘rose’ in the game,” the rapper says on the X clip. “Who you voting for, Amber?”

The “College Hill” alum says, “Donald Trump, baby. 2024.”

Forgiato tells Amber to show the people her ring, an obnoxiously big costume MAGA ring that she flaunts to the camera like an engagement ring.

As her campaign partner likens the jewelry to that of a Super Bowl championship ring, she joked, “I’m engaged to the to the to the game.”

The Shade Room posted photos from the video set, showing Amber Rose wearing a bright red MAGA hat and a thick Cuban link chain with a Trump bust medallion, which also sported a “Make America Great Again” hat.

The platform’s Instagram followers weighed in, calling her a “Magaclown.”

One comment read, “If desperate for attention was a person,” while others submitted the public just fell for her trick: “She found her lane to get y’all talking about her again attention is a drug.”

A few of the comments referenced Ye, who made her the talk of the town in the late ’90s.

One post read, “Never knew i would hate her, i used to feel sorry for her after ye but, nah she is basura.”

Earlier this year, Rose revealed that Kanye was the reason she was “pigeon held into this sexy type of girl” persona. The pair dated from 2008-2010, but during her interview on Bethenny Frankel’s podcast, “Just B,” she blamed him for why she became viewed as a sexualized figure.

“I’m more I’m conservative actually. I’ve always been conservative since I was young and I think coming out on the scene. I was kind of thrown into this sex spot type of girl,” the 40-year-old entrepreneur explained.

“That was my first relationship with a celebrity ever but also in the public eye. And he knows a lot about fashion, and he always wanted me to dress very sexy,” she continued.

Many blasted Rose for being a clout-chasing clown and for working for the 34-time convicted felon Trump.

“Please ignore her and her new boss. Thanks,” one person commented, as another followed up, “ANYTHING FOR A BAG. WHAT DO YOU REALLY EXPECT.”

Black Twitter went crazy, dragging her for agreeing to be a poster child for Trump’s movement.

“Amber Rose is too old to still be a stunt queen. Girl…we get it. You like to ‘shock’ people. You ‘think differently.’ You’re such an enlightened individual,” an X user wrote. “And we still do not care.”

One of the clearly articulated arguments regarding her support of Trump comes from one social media influencer, Conscious Lee, who captioned a post saying, “Amber Rose Might Just Be Bigger Fool than We Thought.”

In 2:31 minutes he listed eleven reasons why voting for Trump would be against Rose’s own interest, particularly if she cares for Blacks and women like she says she does, starting with the reason he can now see why she and the “College Dropout” rapper were a couple in the first palce.

“It make sense,” he said.  “Y’all both think very deeply about shallow s—t and then be drowning y’all understanding in the name of being a contrarian intellectual.”

Lee then gives props to Joseline Hernandez for her “racial critique” of Amber on “College Hill: Celebrity Edition.” This exchange, in a very rudimentary way, allowed the Zeus star to unknowingly break down Franz Fanon’s “Black Skin, White Masks” and colonialism as she challenged Amber on her racial identity.

Eventually, their back-and-forth escalated into a fight that led to both women being expelled from the program.

One X user reminded the world of a time when she was dragged on television by Hernandez, who accused Rose of caring more about her white ancestry than her Black, tweeting, “What Joseline said about Amber Rose on College Hill aged very well.”

In the midst of the fire, fan dug up a post Rose shared on X in 2018 — over a year after Trump had begun his first term.

She wrote, “Mannn f-ck that fact that he’s old and the fact that he was on TV He is a sexual predator just like Trump and Harvey! (I Hope they get their day as well.) So y’all are going to sit..”

Some believe her decision-making hasn’t been the same “Ever since that needle touched that forehead….” Another said, “she crashing out cause [Anthony Edwards] getting his face rode by Cher and wiz got another baby otw.”

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