Black & Streaming: Here Are 11 TV Shows and Movies to Watch This Weekend on Netflix, Hulu, BET+ and More

It’s Mother’s Day weekend, and while some are out buying flowers, chocolate and gifts for their mom or mother-like figures in their lives, some are kicking back and watching their favorite actors play moms on the big screen.

The annual day of remembrance also can be celebrated by curling up with loved ones and watching a wide range of new releases to make you laugh, cry or put you in your feels.

Between new episodes of psychological thrillers and animated series, this week’s list has something for every movie or binge watcher at home. Omari Hardwick stars with Jennifer Lopez character in Netflix’s “The Mother.” She will do anything to ensure the safety of her daughter, as many mothers would.

Arséma Thomas as “Queen Charlotte,” Kenya Moore and Kandi Burrus on “RHOA,” and Omari Hardwick in “The Mother.” (Photos: @netflix/Instagram, @bravotv/Instagram)

Former child actor Tahj Mowry stars in the new Muppets film and “Atlanta” star Brian Tyree Henry has fans singing praises over his performance in the Hulu series “Class of ’09.” History buffs likely will form their own opinions about the controversial “Queen Cleopatra” film also on Netflix.

If you’re looking for more nostalgic feel-good movies, watch the Oscar-nominated “Hustle & Flow,” “F9″ from the ‘Fast and Furious” franchise — both starring rapper Ludacris.

Fans can also now catch up on season three of Tyler Perry’s “Bruh,” which has officially been released ahead of the season-four premiere on June 29.

Meanwhile, fans are eager to watch more drama unfold on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” in the second episode of season 15. The show picks up where it left off last week, with both  Kandi Burruss and Kenya Moore being involved in separate heated discussions with non-cast members. The common denominator of those arguments is Shereé by Sheree founder Shereé Whitfield.

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Sadly, there will be no new episode of “Power Book II: Ghost” this week, yet fans are still shocked over Tariq St. Patrick setting up his ex Effie and the death of Cooper Saxe, who was assisting in the RICO case against Tariq.

Check out this week’s list of new and nostalgic TV and movie releases hitting streaming platforms this weekend.


  • Bruh (2022) Before season four arrives next month, catch up on season three on Tyler Perry’s series about five male college friends navigating life, love and relationships in Atlanta. The cast includes Barry Brewer, Mahdi Cocci, Phillip Mullings Jr., Monti Washington, Candice Renée, Alyssa Goss, Karen Malina White and Perry’s longtime friend, actress Chandra Currelley.


  • Crater (2023) The film caters to Gen Z and follows a group of friends who go on an adventure following the death of one’s father (rapper Kid Cudi). Caleb Channing (Isaiah Russell-Bailey) was raised in a mining colony, and is about to embark on the journey of a lifetime with his three friends as they explore a mysterious crater.
  • Muppets Mayhem (2023) Actors Tahj Mowry and Lilly Singh play human characters in the new Muppets film. Mowry plays Gary ‘Moog’ Moogowski, and Singh plays a young music executive named Nora Gibbs. They decide to work together to help the Muppet’s Electric Mayhem Band to record its first studio album.

HBO Max 

  • Hustle & Flow (2005) With help from his friends and customers, a local Memphis pimp, pushing age 40, attempts to become a successful rapper as his way out of poverty. The Oscar-nominated drama stars “Empire” stars Terrance Howard and Taraji P. Henson, as well as Anthony Anderson, Ludacris, Elise Neal and others. The film earned Memphis natives Three 6 Mafia the group’s first Oscar award for co-writing the song “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp.”


  • Saint X (2023) The series following the girl gone missing narrative after a young white girl’s mysterious death on a Caribbean island is plagued by a series of traumatic events. She was traveling on vacation with her family. Actor Jayden Elijah plays Edwin, one of the two young men who work at the resort who are the last to be seen with the college girl before she was found dead the following day. The first five episodes are currently available now. 
  • Class of ’09 (2023) “Atlanta” star Brian Tyree Henry stars in the ambitious docu-series as Tayo, one of many individuals at the beginning of their career in the FBI and training at Quantico. The crime drama is set across three different timelines, and explores each individual’s perception and perspective of the bureau they’ve worked for over time.


  • Queen Cleopatra (2023) The controversial documentary from executive producer Jada Pinkett Smith has sparked a number of conversations about its script and its cast. Egyptians were outraged over the decision to cast a Black woman as Cleopatra. British actress Adele James, who is of mixed race, portrays an ancient Egyptian ruler as scholars examine her long-debated heritage, race and influence. Four episodes are currently available now.  
  • The Mother (2023) Beloved “Power” actor Omari Hardwick stars as FBI agent William Cruise in this action thriller opposite Jennifer Lopez. Just in time for Mother’s Day, the film follows Lopez’s character as a young assassin in hiding from dangerous men. She returns to protect her daughter. Cruise was tasked with keeping the child hidden, but once she’s located 12 years later, he joins forces with the child’s mother to save her life. 
  • UglyDolls (2019) Lizzo, Wanda Skyes and Janelle Monáe are among the entertainers voicing characters in the animated series starring Kelly Clarkson as Moxy. Janelle stars as the sweet and lonely perfect doll Mandy, and Wanda plays Wage, a culinary mastermind. Meanwhile, Lizzo voices one of three of the SpyGirls trio of perfect dolls. 


  • F9 (2021) Tyrese, Vin Diesel, Ludacris, Bow Wow and more big-time entertainers are featured in the ninth installment of the film franchise. Dom Toretto (Diesel) is now a committed man and father and lives a quiet life off the grid with Letty and their son. But the threat of danger is still on the horizon. Dom and his old crew come together to stop a skilled assassin and high-performance driver, who happens to be Dom’s brother, played by John Cena. 
  • Harlem Globetrotters: Play It Forward (2023) Audiences will get to know the talented players of the historic franchise known for their unique skills on and off the court. The Globetrotters will help a deserving family win a brand-new home, while Cheese and TNT empower city youth who are fighting back against violence. In addition, the Globetrotters members pay tribute to their legendary teammate Meadowlark Lemon. New episodes air Saturdays on NBC.
  • The Real Housewives of Atlanta (2023) The drama from last week has spilled over into this week’s episode. Shereé Whitfield’s man Martell Holt and Kenya Moore have a heated confrontation at a party. While there, Kandi Burruss and newbie Courtney Rhodes exchange hostile words, resulting in the singer-songwriter threatening to “head butt” Rhodes.
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