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‘You Broke My Heart!’: ‘Hustle & Soul’ Star Thandi Explodes on Chef Lawrence After He Breaks Things Off With Her to Marry Ana

Season 3 of “Hustle & Soul” is nothing short of drama.

The main star, chef Lawrence Page of Brooklyn, is expanding his Pink Tea Cup restaurant chain by opening another store location in Miami. All appears well until he’s faced with the past and present debacles of his personal life.

One of the series’ most talked-about storylines last season was the infamous love triangle between Page, his fiancée Ana Lavender and his “side chick” Thandi, which continues to play out.

Lawrence Page
Lawrence Page and Thandi. (Photos: @wetv @hustleandsoul screenshots)

The finale of season 2 came to an explosive ending when Page proposed to his longtime girlfriend and business partner Lavender after being off-and-on for nearly a decade. Everyone appeared happy for the couple except Lavender’s ex-bestie and Page’s other woman Thandi. Lavender and Thandi were best friends at one point on time until the PCT’s lead server began sleeping with Page behind Lavender’s back, which resulted in a massive catfight.

Fast-forward to the current season and chef Page is making it his duty to right his wrongs with Thandi by supposedly getting her on board with his marriage to Lavender.

Lawrence Page
Lawrence Page and Ana Lavender. @wetv @hustleandsoul screenshot

The heartbroken server decided to stay at the Pink Tea Cup shop in New York instead of helping out at the location in Miami where Page and Lavender were located. To her apparent surprise, Page paid her a visit at his New York restaurant and wanted to apologize for seemingly choosing to be with Lavender instead of her. However, things quickly went left after the scorned server attacked the chef for seemingly breaking her heart.

The pair attempted to meet up again, but it just ended with Thandi feeling more hurt than before.

“I just need to move on with my life I need to get married,” Page said to Thandi, seemingly wanting her to be happy for his and Lavender’s new start together.

Thandi responded, “What do you want me to do, Lawrence? You just want me to be OK and run and smile in the streets and be all happy that Lawrence is getting married to somebody else. … You broke my heart!”

Page apologized to Thandi for hurting her, but that wasn’t “good enough” for the server. She apparently wants more from the chef than he’s willing to give her.

The explosive scene between the ex-lovers sparked a gamut of reactions from “Hustle & Soul” viewers.

“Lawrence not trying to do nothing but convince himself to get married. No way the person you messed around with should still be working under you. Smh 🤦‍♀️ both are dumb!!!! It’s annoying!”

“Girl they had a whole family you thought he would of left you for. 🤷🏾‍♀️.”

“Lawrence is a disgraceful disrespectful wanna be pimp wolf in sheep clothing! I hope Thandi and Ana double team him 😂.”

“I’ll never feel sorry for the side chick, especially when she pretended to be friends with the main chick in order to become side chick 🤗.’

“I’m so disgusted by Lawrence actions with these women. I’m also disappointed by these women choosing to deal with his bulls–t. Give up hope, Thandi. If he wanted to be with you, he would be. He’s MARRYING someone else! 🤦🏾‍♀️.”

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