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‘That’s a Little Clout Chasing’: Reginae Carter Calls Out Ar’mon Warren for ‘Love Bombing,’ Says He Made a Video Instead of Checking on Her After Two Men Reportedly Attempted to Break In Her Home

Despite Reginae Carter’s previous vow to become “more private,” she and her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Ar’mon Warren, gave the internet a front-row seat into their relationship problems.

The pair has been dating for nearly nine months, but things have not been looking good from the looks of their social media pages.

Reginae Carter and Ar’mon Warren seem to be feuding after recent Twitter interaction. (Photo: Itsreginaecarter/Instagram)

The intense online interaction occurred after Carter penned a cryptic tweet on her Twitter account on May 10.

“Love bombing is a thing,” the 24-year-old wrote. “Know the difference.”

It appears Warren took offense at Carter’s message, as he tweeted and then quickly deleted a note in reply to her PSA. He said, “@reginae_carter1 I lost all respect for you. to come on here and play victim is crazy. I was nothing but respectful cuz that’s all I can do is be respectful.”

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Warren continued, “You on the other hand I hope these people pray for you. Fr”

In an additional tweet, Warren clarified, “My love was never fake so I can’t get on here and do all that extra s–t. It ain’t even in me. Y’all Have fun tho.” 

Their tweets were soon gathered by The Neighborhood Talk and shared on Instagram, where commenters drew their own conclusions from the couple’s exchange. 

“D–m I was rooting for them… it’s important to keep ur private , PRIVATE. Outside energy plays a huge role in relationships whether we believe it or not! Sending them love.”

“Was it love bombing is she self sabotaging.”

“He lost all respect for her? TUH he better find it before Weezy F Baby enters the chat!”

Warren recently uploaded a YouTube video for his fans addressing cheating rumors, music and more. 

During the video, he said, “I have never ever, ever cheated, not a day in my life. If I was committed to a relationship, I was committed to a relationship.”

He continued, “Never cheated. I don’t come on here and, like right now, like it’s people waiting to see if I would bash Nae.”

The 25-year-old then urged anyone who expected him to negatively mention Carter to “get off my page with the weird s–t,” writing that he would never “do anything for views.”

The back and forth comes days after Carter revealed that two men attempted to break into her home. She hopped on Instagram Live in a video captured by The Shade Room, where she called out Warren for not checking on her and cleared up her “love bombing” tweet.

“I love very hard, and I’m very genuine,” she said. “Something really big happened to me, and the person who I love did not check on me, but he made a YouTube video. So yes, I do feel like that’s a little clout chasing. I do feel like that’s love bombing. I do, because that’s the person who I love, and he didn’t make sure I was okay.”

She continued, “So yes, I did tweet that, and I apologize because I keep putting y’all in everything.”

Carter and Warren have made headlines over the past month after rumors about a possible breakup began swirling around social media. Several fans first suspected trouble in paradise after the couple no longer followed each other on Instagram. 

However, it wasn’t until the I Fit In founder was caught without the promise ring Warren gifted her for their six-month anniversary in December that separation rumors really took off. 

Nevertheless, things started looking up for the couple in late April after fans noticed that Carter placed the band back on her finger and witnessed their flirtatious interactions on social media. 

While it is currently unclear where their relationship stands, Carter and Warren’s hot-and-cold status is not out of the ordinary for them.

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