‘Not Y’all Got Auntie TikTok’n’: Lil’ Kim Shows Off Her Funky Routine on Stage While Dancing to Lil Uzi Vert’s ‘Just Wanna Rock’

Lil’ Kim is known as a rapper, but she currently is receiving praise for her surprisingly solid dance moves. 

The New York native, 48, recently blessed the Lovers & Friends Festival in Las Vegas on Saturday, May 6, by gracing the stage to perform some of the most iconic hits. She also performed her verse from Mobb Deep’s “Quiet Storm,” a 1991 track that birthed the rapper’s rendition of the robot dance.

Lil’ Kim shows off dance moves during California’s Lovers & Friends Festival. (Photo: @lilkimthequeenbee/Instagram)

Throughout her set list, the hip-hop veteran showed love to rapper Lil Uzi Vert as she danced along to his smash song “Just Wanna Rock.” 

During Lil’ Kim’s performance, she added her own twist to the funky dance routine — which was originally created by the popular TikTok user Jeezy — as she put on her shades, shook her hips, and demonstrated her flexibility to an entertained crowd. 

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Her infectious energy on stage was not only appreciated by the raucous audience but also by fans who witnessed her composition via social media. 

Several social media users raced to The Neighborhood Talk’s comment section on Instagram and applauded Lil’ Kim’s moves after the gossip outlet re-posted her video.

“Motha had fun this performance and body is on point.”

“I love lil Kim. She stays outside and seem super supportive of artists…she seems so sweet.” 

“Not y’all got auntie TikTok’n side note: She been looking good lately.” 

“Kim been in the game 28 years and is still more entertaining (and flexible) then your fave. Cry about it. She will always be relevant!”

The legacy of Lil’ Kim was brought into question not too long ago during an episode of “The Breakfast Club.” 

A few weeks ago, record producer Swizz Beatz was asked by DJ Envy if there is a “Verzuz” battle brewing between Lil’ Kim and another female rap pioneer, Nicki Minaj. 

While the “Tear da Roof Off” producer was coy with his answer, he did confirm that he had something special cooking up for fans. 

“I can’t say, I can’t say it here,” the 44-year-old stated. “But just know that, if you gonna wait this long for ‘Verzuz,’ if we gonna have you wait this long it’s gonna definitely be worth the time.” 

He continued, “If anything people know about me is if I’m being quiet like, things are happening.” 

As fans wait to learn if the possible showdown will happen, Lil’ Kim’s participation in a new Audible hip-hop series coming this summer already is confirmed.

Listeners will be able to hear Lil’ Kim tell her story about becoming an integral part of hip-hop culture in an episode of the “Words + Music” series as the audiobook and podcast platform honors the music genre’s 50 anniversary. 

Snoop Dogg will be first to kick off the series by sharing his story on June 15, with Lil’ Kim’s installment slated to air sometime in August.

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