‘And Still Looks Amazing’: Fans Defend Lil’ Kim After Critics Zoom In On Her Curves at Recent Fashion Show

Kimberly Denise Jones, better known as Lil’ Kim, recently generated a bit of buzz for her physical attributes after a fan captured the rapper reportedly holding her breath.

The “Gang of Roses” actress recently attended Spotify’s Feeling Myself Fashion Show in Los Angeles last week on March 16, where she was seen on video posing beside upcoming rappers Baby Tate and Saucy Santana. 

Lil’ Kim looks stunning in recent photos. (Pictured: @lilkimthequeenbee/Instagram)

Lil’ Kim showed a little underboob as she gorgeously rocked a gray-wrapped bodysuit that accentuated her Barbie-like figure. 

As amazing as the ‘90s icon looked, one fan couldn’t help but zoom in on Lil’ Kim sucking in her stomach during the video. 

A Twitter user whose handle is @Ganstarih wrote, “THE WAY SHE SUCKED HER STOMACH INSNAVDKDBMSBD” 

Their tweet was obtained by The Neighborhood Talk, whose comments section quickly became flooded with Lil Kim trolls who were bashing the rapper for this reported action. 

“Getting surgery and still having to do this is astronomical,” one critic wrote. 

“I mean she already looked constipated before then,” another wrote. 

While there were a few judgmental comments below the outlet’s clip, several fans defended Lil’ Kim and suggested that her action was no different from everyday individuals who suck in their stomachs when taking a photo.

“Y’all stay criticizing people on social media for doing stuff y’all do in real life stop lying in the comments lmaoo.”

“They obsessed with the queen”

“And stills looks amazing.”


Fans’ discussion about Lil’ Kim’s frivolous gesture seems to have taken the attention away from her reason for attending Spotify’s Fashion Show. 

During the fashion show, the Global Head of Editorial at Spotify, Sulinna Ong, welcomed Lil’ Kim on stage and recognized her as a sole honoree for the Feeling Myself Fashion Vanguard. 

This honor acknowledged Lil’ Kim’s impact on the music industry and fashion.

“We love to present to you, a token of our love and appreciation for everything that you have brought and continue to bring to the world,” Ong told Lil’ Kim. “You are the blueprint. You are an icon of hip-hop and fashion.” 

In an appreciation post on Instagram, the 48-year-old shouted out Spotify for the opportunity to accept the award. 

“I am truly honored and humbled to accept this award love u guys 2 Infinity,” she wrote

Lil’ Kim has made an unforgettable name for herself ever since she stepped on the scene in the early ‘90s. Her sex appeal and raunchy lyricism captured fans’ attention all around the world. 

The iconic lyricist heavily influenced female rap and intertwined high fashion and hip-hop.

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