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‘She Has Taken Her Character In ‘Swarm’ to Another Level’: A Chlöe Bailey Fan Alleges They Had a ‘Mutual Break Up’ After Claiming She and the Singer Were Dating

Chlöe Bailey fans are concerned after a seemingly crazed super fan alluded to being in a relationship of sorts with the singer.

The online spectacle unfolded on Twitter when user EmpressJaMeya unleashed a rant aimed at Bailey on April 20. In the first cryptic message, JaMeya told the artist to contact her directly “cause there is literally nothing to misunderstand at this point.” She continued, “You can’t throw rocks and hide your hands FOREVER.”

Chlöe Bailey and Twiter user EmpressJaMeya. (Photos: Chloebailey/Instagram and Empressjameya/Twitter)

In a series of follow-up tweets, the disgruntled individual went on to slam Bailey, 24, for turning her back on her.

“I really feel bad if you would’ve been a goofy b—ch treated like a fan when you’re a love interest,” wrote JaMeya. “B—ch it ain’t no in a minute I don’t want a whore like that. You can sing songs about other n—gas in my face but not be REAL to my face? L.A. those confirmed!” 

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Another tweet read, “You LOST a connection with me TWICE, and was too arrogant to even TRY to initiate a connection with me ONCE when give the chance and more favorable circumstances than I ever had! B—ch you can’t seduce me at your own event? Like it’s HELL for you right now cause you really dumb.”

And in a third, JaMeya appeared to blatantly suggest that she had been romantically involved with the “In Pieces” artist.

“I wouldn’t claim you if you weren’t still on my head either @ChloeBailey but you such a COWARD that you making me clear up an issue YOUR B—CH A— STARTED. Address it or don’t I don’t even want to be with you, hence the MUTUAL BREAK UP!”

She also shared images from what appeared to be a meet and greet when she posed with “Grown-ish” actress. But despite their happy faces, JeMeya went on to claim that she had been misled by Bailey.

Elsewhere in her lengthy rant, she wrote, “You can’t understand me, never could. But no one can tell you s—t either when you be the LEAST INFORMED. Such as, what weirdo tells a b—ch to see her and wants it to be romantic but then treats it as a fan-artist interaction? You ARE a LIAR CHLOE BAILEY.”

The dizzying tale of a seemingly delusional, scorned fan led other social media users to go as far as comparing the spectacle to the plot of “Swarm.” Bailey stars alongside the series lead, actress Dominique Fishback, Damson Idiris, and a host of other familiar faces who secured appearances.

In the Prime Video show, Fishback plays deranged super fan Dre, who goes to unimaginable lengths to attend a concert of her favorite artist, Ni’Jah. The fictional character was willing to kill people and terrorize her adoptive family — lengths that Bailey’s fans viewed as less unbelievable after reading JeMeya’s tweets.

Comments included:

“I work security and Chloe performed at my job they had her picture everywhere to let us know she’s not allowed in cause she crazy.” 

“That’s scary as fck. It happened to Selena.. hopefully they take this serious”

“She has taken her character in swarm to another level, because what???”

“Um dre … is tht yu ? Cause yea lock her azz up expeditiously.”

While responding to the onslaught of mentions, JeMaya claimed she had receipts and that Bailey had been subtweeting her for some time. Neither of those allegations have been proven, nor has Beyoncé’s protege addressed the viral banter.

This year has proved to be a big one for the vocalist. Aside from releasing her debut solo project and embarking on her first solo tour, she has gained the attention of audiences as she expands her acting résumé.

“Swarm” turned Bailey into a trending topic — something she is all too familiar with — when viewers were floored by a sex scene with her and Idris. Not long after the limited series premiered in March whispers about the Atlanta native’s love life began to circulate.

In the past, she has been romantically linked to rapper Gunna. But now, after starring in “Praise This” alongside Migos frontman Quavo, fans are convinced the two artists have kept a brewing relationship on the low. Only time will tell if those speculations are rooted in any truth.

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