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‘Stop Coming for Me’: Chlöe Bailey Reveals a Rift in Her Relationship with Her Parents While Candidly Speaking About Her Struggle With Anxiety

Chlöe Bailey says it is time fans show her some grace.

The “Surprise” singer recently had an unfiltered conversation with fans where she opened up about her deeply rooted issues with anxiety. She also made mention of comments criticizing her close-knit relationship with her godmother Shermay Joh. 

Bailey is often photographed with Shermay, with Shermay standing watch nearby at red carpet events and sometimes comforting the singer at video shoots as well as after performances. For fans keeping up with the duo, it can seem as though there is little to nothing that Bailey does without her godmother, but as it turns out, the artist has good reason to keep Shermay close by.

“To all the people saying stuff to me about holding my God mom’s hand, guys, I suffer from anxiety,” said the former “grown-ish” actor during a candid Twitter Spaces conversation with fans on Oct. 1. “Like, you all don’t know how bad, it’s really bad. Like, just because I seem cool, calm, and copasetic, which I am, when you’re a very creative person your mind is very active constantly, so I have really, really bad anxiety,” she further explained.

Bailey went on to add that her holding Shermay’s hand is no different than the times she has been spotted holding hands with her friends or sister Halle Bailey. “My God mom is like, she is my safe haven and my safe space and she has to stop wearing rings sometimes because I’m squeezing her hand so hard … Everyone thinks I am this really confident person, which I’m not. I’m very insecure and the only time I feel confident enough is when I’m on stage.”

As the topic came to a close, Beyoncé’s protégé asked that her supporters consider laying off her need to hold hands with those close to her. “Stop saying negative things about that because you all don’t know she has been my rock and support system when I’m destructing inside,” she said before revealing a bit of personal information that may have gone unknown otherwise.

“You know, I don’t have the closest relationship with my parents. Maybe one day down the line I’ll share why, but it’s nice that I have a solid support system … Stop coming for me for holding hands when I’m out in public … It’s not as easy as it looks,” she concluded. Bailey is rumored to have fired her father as her manager to enlist Beyoncé’s stepbrother Ricky Lawson, who is also a part of Parkwood Entertainment’s A&R and management team. The revelation of a rift between Bailey and her parents garnered attention on social media.

“The fact that Chloe Bailey said she isn’t close with her parents anymore …. Explains a lot . She definitely gives off I had strict parents , but I’m grown now so ima do me”. It also explains why we see that Godmom more,” tweeted one person.

Another wrote: “Chloe Bailey not being close with her parents anymore speaks volumes and is not surprising. That godmother she got who is constantly hanging off her is lowdown.”

And a third hoped she would one day be able to make amends with her parents.

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