‘Tiny Bookie Read the Room’: Fans Urge Tiny Harris to ‘Sit This One Out’ After She Expresses Doubts About Assault Accusations Against Jonathan Majors

Tiny Harris has landed herself in hot water with fans after calling bs on Jonathan Majors’ domestic violence case. 

The singer-songwriter shared a post on her Instagram story, which has fans believing he seemingly supports the embattled actor who has been accused of assaulting his girlfriend inside a taxi cab in Manhattan on March 25. Majors has made several attempts to assert his innocence, including sharing text messages between the two and video footage of the woman at a club after the alleged incident.

“So far this looks like a straight case of Bull[poop emoji] ijs,” Tiny wrote while sharing Hollywood Unlocked’s post about the video.

Tiny Harris faces backlash for calling out Jonathan Majors’ case (Pictured: @majorgirl/Instagram)

As previously reported, Majors was arrested, taken to jail, and is currently facing assault and harassment charges. Though the 33-year-old has maintained his innocence, the allegations have negatively affected his career, costing him several notable acting roles. The “Creed III” star has also been dropped from his management and PR firm, and more alleged victims have come forward. 

The video posted on the outlet’s page was an exclusive clip from TMZ, which showed Majors’ alleged victim partying in a club hours after his alleged attack. Tiny’s post was altered and reshared on The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram page.

Fans in the comment section proceed to tell the reality star to stay out of this controversial conversation and people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

“You should have just sat there and ate your food tiny” 

“Don’t she have a case? Tiny be quiet”

“Tiny baby……sit this one out. For the sake of Xscape.”

“Tiny bookie read the room love…read the room…”

“She should stay out of it. She got her own glass house”

There were also a few who agreed with Harris’ remarks, including one who said, “I think a lot of people feel like that but are too scared to speak on it.”

A few others began bringing up other controversial moments in her life, such as the sexual assault accusation she and her husband faced in May 2021.

Tiny and her husband, Clifford “T.I.” Harris, were under public investigation after a woman claimed to have been drugged and sexually assaulted by the couple during a night out in 2005. The investigation involved other women who allege they were also drugged and sexually assaulted by Tip and Tiny.

Not too long after news broke, another woman accused them of sexually assaulting her back in 2010, but according to the LA Vegas Sun, the criminal probe was dropped due to the statute of limitations expiring. 

With heavy allegations thrown their way, the Harrises managed to maintain their innocence, and the 2005 case was also dropped for the same reason in September 2021. But clearly, fans are not willing to forget what has already been exposed.

The “Xscape” vocalist isn’t the only celebrity facing backlash for seemingly supporting Majors. 

Just last week, Tiffany Haddish found herself in the heat of criticism after sharing an L.A. Times article on her Twitter page about the actor. Like Tiny, fans believed the comedian was standing in solidarity with Majors. 

Though the “Girls Trip” actress has since removed the post, she seems to be tired of the backlash and shared that she will now shield her “real” self from the world. 

Haddish also faced sexual abuse allegations for most of last year. In 2022, the Jane Doe in the case claimed that the now-43-year-old, along with comedian Aries Spears, forced her and her brother to embark on sexual acts while they filmed the inappropriate skit dubbed “Through a Pedophile’s Eyes.”

While the 30-page suit was dropped nearly a month later, Haddish claimed she “lost everything” behind the abuse accusations when she was questioned by TMZ. Yet, Will Packer has stated that he cannot do the sequel to “Girls Trip” without her.

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