‘Real Self Is Problematic’: Tiffany Haddish Says Goodbye to Sharing Her ‘Real’ Self on Social Media Amid Criticism for Seemingly Defending Jonathan Majors, Fans React

Tiffany Haddish seems to be tired of all the criticism she’s been facing and has decided to conceal her “real” self from the world. 

A blog site called, Theybf_daily, on Instagram, re-posted a cryptic tweet from the “They Ready” comedian’s Twitter page, which is now protected. 

Tiffany Haddish is done being her ‘real’ self on social media. (Photo: @tiffanyhaddish/Instagram)

“I guess I am doing my job,” Haddish penned, “people are feeling things and I got lots to say. Or is it all AI? Idk but I wish you all some joy. I am done with this platform.”

She continued, “You all will never hear from the real Tiffany Haddish again. Get ready for the real Fakeness.”

After the outlet re-posted the 43-year-old’s message, their comment section swarmed with an array of opinions from critics and supporters. 

“Tiffany, your real self is problematic. People have the right to have a problem with what you do and say.”

“People can be really cruel. I hope she is at peace and doesn’t let the constant hate push her over the edge”

“I feel her tho cause most of yall on this here app with the fake outrage”

Haddish’s tweet arrives days after she shared a recent L.A. Times article about abuse allegations against actor Jonathan Majors, which fans viewed as her seemingly defending him.

As previously reported, the “Lovecraft Country” actor was arrested a month ago on assault and harassment charges after being accused of assaulting his girlfriend inside a taxi cab in Manhattan. 

Since his arrest and release, Majors has sustained his innocence but has also lost several film deals, was recently dropped from his talent and PR firm, and had more alleged victims speak out all within the process. 

The article Haddish shared, and then quickly deleted, shed light on new allegations suggesting that Majors’ assumed victim appeared to look unharmed hours after their alleged tussle.

Several fans on social media suggested that Haddish should have remained silent about the Majors controversy, implying that her past experience with abuse accusations makes her the wrong messenger here. 

Just last year, Haddish said she “lost everything” after an unidentified woman accused the actress and comedian Aries Spears of abusing and molesting her and her brother as young children when they were filming the disturbing skit “Through a Pedophile’s Eyes.” 

One month after the accusations, the anonymous plaintiff retracted her claims, asking the judge to dismiss the suit. However, that didn’t stop Haddish from losing any upcoming or present job offers she had in the works. 

After being stopped by a TMZ reporter she told them, “I don’t have no job. I don’t have no job, bro.” 

Since the scandal, the comedian has found her way back on the stage and recently performed beside comedians Trevor Wallace, Erik Griffin, Brad Williams, and Adam Ray for “The Comedy Store: THE GODD— COMEDY JAM with Josh Adams Meyers.”

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