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‘Everything. Gone’: Tiffany Haddish Claims She ‘Lost Everything’ Amid Child Abuse Suit, Doesn’t Talk to Jointly Accused, Aries Spears 

 Primetime Emmy Award-winning actress Tiffany Haddish faces an uncertain future in Hollywood following this month’s lawsuit in which two now-adult siblings accused her and comedian Aries Spears of child abuse and molestation. The pair had maintained their innocence before the case was ultimately dismissed after the “Night School” star and the accusers reached an unspecified settlement. 

While trekking through Los Angeles International Airport over the weekend, a TMZ camera person caught up with the “Black Mitzvah” actress who did not hold back regarding the damage that could and seemingly has already been done in light of recent events. 

“Oh, I lost everything,” the 42-year-old star said candidly. “All my gigs, gone. Everything. Gone.” The paparazzi continued to follow the “Nobody’s Fool” star, questioning whether she could restore her reputation and career. Haddish, looking visibly uncertain, responded, “I don’t know, bruh. I don’t have no job,” she added. “I don’t have no job, bro.” 

While the longtime funny woman did not specify exactly what she “lost,” it was announced in May that she would return to the Apple TV+ series “The Afterparty.” According to IMDB, Haddish has two projects in post-production, including Disney’s “Haunted Mansion,” set to release in March 2023, but none that she is currently filming or that are listed as in pre-production. She also has no upcoming tour dates for her comedy tour, per Ticketmaster.

Haddish’s comments come just one day after the unidentified plaintiff — listed as Jane Doe — requested that the judge dismiss the suit “with prejudice.”

“My family and I have known Tiffany Haddish for many years – and we now know that she would never harm me or my brother or help anyone else do anything that could harm us,” the woman told TMZ on Tuesday, on behalf of herself and her brother, John Doe.

There didn’t appear to be much support for the actress on social media. Comments echoed that of one Twitter user who wrote, “Good. We’re supposed to feel sorry for her?!…”

Still, some don’t believe the star lost “everything” exactly, including writer Philip Lewis who suggested, “she may have been joking or at least not all the way serious.”

In a separate video, Haddish shared that she was “relieved” the lawsuit had been dropped and was “really concerned about the kids, making sure they were okay.” 

She added, “I’m pretty sure ain’t nobody else going to be coming after me anytime soon.” “And if there is somebody else, that s— fake.” When asked about Spears, a fellow comedian and former “Mad TV” star, she said, “I don’t talk to him.”

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