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‘Talk Sweet Nothings Into Her Ear’: Diddy Shares His Best Bedroom Advice and ‘Baby-Making’ Playlist with James Corden on Carpool Karaoke

Sean “Diddy” Combs dished out more than a fun time when he joined James Corden for a recent episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden.”

The talk-show host was joined by Diddy for a whirlwind trip around the streets of Los Angeles in the viral sensation known as “Carpool Karaoke.” The two rapped popular hits, including “Diddy,” “I’ll Be Missing You,” and “I Need a Girl (Pt. 2).”

Aside from discussing the short list of people who can call the producer by his first name, and the motivation for his larger-than-life billboard that stood prominently in Times Square, Diddy dropped a few gems about romantic encounters that would make most blush.

Sean “Diddy” Combs and James Corden (Photo: “The Late Late Show with James Corden”/YouTube)

The steamy topic came up when Corden asked the “Making the Band” creator how he ended up welcoming a seventh child, a daughter named Love Sean Combs.

News of the new addition broke in December. His older children include Quincy Taylor, Justin Dior, King, daughter Chance Combs, and twin daughters D’Lila and Jessie James. 

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“I’mma be honest with you, it’s because I got back in music,” said the hitmaker. “So I started producing R&B again, and I have a new record label called Love Records. It’s the baby-making music that I make. I had to make my new baby to, like, I had to go back and get old ’90s music and make a playlist to make a new baby to.”

The revelation that a compilation of songs held that much power led the men to deep dive into a conversation about the ways the comedian could spice up his and his wife’s love life. Diddy was more than happy to offer up his curated playlist.

“It’s like the Super Bowl of R&B, and it’s a lovemaking album. You can dance to it, you can bop to it; it’s for the bop. You know that dance you do; it’s the bop. You know who the bop is? I am the bop. I am the f—king bop. I am him,” he said.

From there, he dished on how the love sounds were the foundation for a night of passion. Corden, ready to take notes, was fully engaged as Diddy took him step by step through setting the mood. First up, ditch the candles because they do little to heat things up, but can burn your house down. Instead, Diddy advised the TV personality to switch out his lightbulbs for the TLC “red light special.”

“You gotta put the red light on,” he said. The next tip, ditch the cell phones. “It’s called off the grid; there’s no phones allowed. So disconnect your phone and really lock in with your significant other,” continued the Bad Boy Records founder.

A befuddled Corden eagerly suggested that once the music was going, it must be time to do the deed.

Diddy confusingly asked, “You and your wife, y’all just go straight to it? Y’all go in hot?” But after a quick bout of giggles, the mogul told the host, “Bro, put on some music. The first song comes on, and then you dance to it.”

He continued to explain, “You gotta take your time and smell her. Talk sweet nothings into her ear, man. Stop rushing.” Suggested “sweet nothings” included, “D—n, baby, you looking good” and “You looking so beautiful,” delivered in a breathy, lustful tone.

Next up, after bopping around and sipping on a liquid elixir, is an intimate chat. “Baby, we making love, we not having sex. There has to be that connection,” explained the businessman.

When Corden said kissing would certainly lead to a 28-second romp between the sheets, a very disappointed Diddy had to remind him of the playlists’ impact. “Wow, bro, no. The album is purposely long for love making and for the stroke. Not pitter-patter,” he said.

Fan reactions to the comical exchange wrote:

“It is all in the stroke… LOL love this so much. Great episode”

“Love got the moves. This is GOLD!!!”

“Diddy is going to have James break a hip while attempting to romanticize his wife.”

The prominent hip-hop figure was most recently linked to Yung Miami, one-half of the rap duo City Girls.

Last June, their romance was confirmed when he appeared on her podcast, “Caresha Please.” However, in a new interview for The Cut, she revealed that they have since opted to have a platonic relationship.

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