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‘You Called Me a B—’: Sierra Gates Confronts Scrappy In Heated Argument Over His Estranged Wife Bambi While Filming

A juicy episode for the drama-reality series “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” will be coming to fans and their television screens before long.

On April 5, a behind-the-scenes clip of cast members Sierra Gates and Lil Scrappy was leaked online, showing the two in a heated argument while filming.

Sierra Gates, Lil Scrappy and Bambi (Photos: Instagram/ @sierra_glamshop_, @scrappydagreat and @adizthebam)

In the clip, the two are standing outside when Gates tells the Atlanta rapper to “step back.” Scrappy responds, but because he is facing away from the person filming off-set, his words are muffled in the distance.

Gates then shares a few words that can’t be heard as well before saying, “I’m a woman. But you called me a b-tch though.”

The video continues with Scrappy throwing up his hands and shaking them, as in the words of his song title, he wanted “No Problem,” but the CEO of The Glamshop continued to get riled up.

“You called me a b-tch,” she said, while pointing a finger in Scrappy’s face. “I’m a good one, motherf-cker. I’m a rich one.”

The person recording can be heard laughing before the video ended, with Gates having the last word. Based on the 10-second clip alone, it’s not clear what the two were in a disagreement over, but the comments between Gates and Scrappy’s mother, Momma Dee, provide more context.

From her Instagram account, Momma Dee defended her son, writing, “When people believe their so-called best friends and they best frie them they lootaking up for a b–ch that’s been lying to him.” As many fans couldn’t make sense of what Momma Dee wrote, she wrote another comment, elaborating.

“I meant lying to them if you do not know the other side then you can’t judge he called her a b–ch cause she invaded his personal space all the lies she been hearing the truth will come out and she’s gonna look stupid for taking up for liar it’s going to be crazy when the truth unfolds,” she said.

Momma Dee is referring to her daughter-in-law, Bambi, as she and Scrappy are currently not in a good space in their marriage. But while Scrappy has his mother to defend him, Bambi has friends like Gates, who said, “Ima stand on my 10 behind my friend, & that’s it I really hate talking like this,” in the comments.

Fans in the comment section seemed to believe Gates was going a bit too hard for Bambi.

One said, “Sis shouldn’t be getting into with her friend husband. I know you want to have her back but that’s they business.” Another wrote, “This is …you be doing all that for your friend and she be still sending paragraphs/sleeping with her BD …they tied for life just stay out of it.”

Last month, Bambi dropped a diss track that seemed to be aimed at her husband of five years. In it, she alleged that he had been out with other women and even said that he was “acting different.”

Momma Dee wasn’t feeling the record about her son and decided to write a diss of her own toward Bambi.

“Some people do not deserve a record deal they deserve a water Deal because they are too thirsty,” she wrote.

Scrappy and Bambi have three children together, a boy, Breland, and two daughters, Xylo, and Cali. Scrappy has an 18-year-old daughter, Emani, with his ex, Erica Dixon.

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  1. Vernita Oliver says:

    Will you guys just get along for the kids and other people need to stay out of it they are Married

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