‘I Have Nobody In My DMs’: Tia Mowry Seemingly Admits to Going on a Date Amid Split from Cory Hardrict

Tia Mowry has finally revealed the answer to fans burning question about dating after filing for divorce.

Mowry and her soon-to-be ex-husband, Cory Hardrict, are reportedly in the final stages of legally ending their 14-year marriage, only months after announcing their separation.

In a recent appearance on “The Terrell Show,” Mowry, 44, appeared both at ease and open to the guaranteed shenanigans that host Terrell Grice had her caught up in.

Tia Mowry Reportedly Serves Cory Hardrict with Divorce Papers Weeks After Filing for Divorce ?
Tia Mowry and Cory Hardict. (Photo: Tiamowry/Instagram.)

Throughout the nearly 40-minute episode, she revealed things like details about her first kiss, her lack of expertise on TV shows, and of course, her life as a newly single woman.

But before Grice, 29, delved into her personal life, he took her through a whirlwind of shots of alcohol. During a game of “IKYFL,” they went toe to toe seeing who could name the most mushrooms, when Mowry asked, “Have you ever had mushrooms before?”

Grice responded, “Like shrooms? Hell nah,” he said, turning the question around. “I ain’t saying s**t,” she said as she burst into laughter.

Elsewhere, he dove right into her being single and exploring her options as she interjected, “Dating! I’m not —” before she resorted to covering her mouth and nearly doubling over with laughter.

While it is hard to tell for certain, it did seem as though Grice managed to get the actress to admit to having dinner with at least one possible suitor. “Did the man pick you up and tell you to come to the restaurant? Did you show up? Did you order the lobster, the steak?” he asked as Mowry looked down, seemingly in thought.

After lifting her head, she said, “No.”

“Well, what did you order? Fish fillet?” asked the popular YouTube personality. Her response was steak which moved them both into yet another fit of giggles. “I don’t like that word [dating],” admitted the “Seventeen Again” star.

“Tia is a grown single woman who is having fun. Maybe that’s the word you use,” declared one-half of the mastermind behind the “T and Coco” show. 

Still, Mowry’s facial expression made it evident that maybe even that was a stretch. “Yeah, but I don’t even know if I’m doing that … I never dated. I never dated. I never dated before.”

In past interviews, the “Sister Sister” lead said that she and Hardrict met right after she graduated from college in 1999 and had been inseparable until their separation last October. They dated for nine years before marrying in 2008. They shared two kids, son, Cree, and daughter, Cairo.

Yet, when Grice mentioned dating apps such as Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble, it was more than clear that this was uncharted territory. “I am not getting on no d**n apps. I’m sorry. You will not see my a**,” said Mowry.

She further explained, “I was only allowed to date at 18 years old, and I never really dated. So my mind is still that of an 18-year-old when it comes to dating. “I don’t know anything. What is it, the dating pool? I am not jumping in that pool,” she insisted.

Grice agreed with her decision, adding, “Yeah, ‘cause it’s pee in it. There is a lot of pee in the dating pool. I promise you.”

But when he insisted that Mowry’s name and celebrity status should have hopeful men flooding her inbox on social media, she said that simply was not the case. “No, I don’t have — there’s, no. I have nobody in my DMs.”

Grice was certain that the admission was a lie, but the entrepreneur explained that her DMs are not lacking propositions because men are not shooting their shots.

“Well, I mean, I feel like my Instagram, I can’t get, I can’t receive messages. Yeah, I can’t receive messages from people I don’t know.”

Though the industry veteran is in no rush to see what else is out there, Mowry did reveal, last month, that she is optimistic love will find her again some day.

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