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‘Yo This Is the Best Laugh Ever!’: Tia Mowry and Son Cree Have Fans In Tears as They Reveal Their ‘Alter Egos’

Tia Mowry keeps a smile plastered on her face as she and Cory Hardrict move forward with their divorce.

The bubbly-spirited actress stunned fans when she announced in an Instagram post she and her husband of 14 years “were going their separate ways.”

“These decisions are never easy, and not without sadness. We will maintain a friendship as we co-parent our beautiful children. I am grateful for all the happy times we had together and want to thank my friends, family and fans for your love and support as we start this new chapter moving forward in our lives,” she wrote in October 2022.

Whatever sadness Mowry might be experiencing has not leaked into her digital content. Instead, it seems as though she is smiling, laughing, dancing, and generally enjoying life more freely than she did publicly before the couple’s separation. The “Sister, Sister” star has even managed to include the couple’s two children, son Cree, 11, and daughter Cairo, 4, in her shenanigans.

Tia Mowry, Cree Hardrict
Tia Mowry and her son Cree Hardrict test out Snapchat filters. (Photos: @tiamowry/Instagram)

Mowry enlisted her oldest, Cree, for the most recent giggle-fest shared on social media. The pair can be seen sitting on barstools in what appears to be the actress’s backyard while testing out a different Snapchat filter. They each have plastic bottles in their hands and appear to have a mouthful of liquid when the antics kick off.

The mother-son duo were left laughing in tears over the popular filter that makes it seem like an individual is crying. If the goal was to see who could hold water in their mouth the longest, Mowry lost time and time again.

The second filter saw the two rock bald heads with enlarged noses and lips. The third and final looks superimposed double chins and crazed eyes onto Mowry and Cree’s faces. It was then that they revealed their alter egos: Jolene and Billy. The industry veteran shared that the experiment was “equally terrifying and hilarious!” Her fans equally agreed, at least about the humorous aspect, as they flooded her with comments about her laugh and the overall comical nature of the video. They wrote:

“Yo this is the best laugh ever!! #dying.”

“That second one pushed y’all muffin caps back blue.”

“I love how the harder you laugh with the first one. The harder you cry.”

“First of all Tia laughing is hilarious in and if it’s self.”

More than a few people complimented Mowry and Cree’s fun and close-knit bond. “I love how Cree has your love of life and laughter!” wrote one person. Another commented, “Ooooh, this explains why his pants were wet in the seventeen again vid lollll. Great mother & son bond.”

The cooking enthusiast previously revealed that her kids are not struggling to adjust to their new family dynamic. In November, she said they are doing well, adapting to no longer living under the same roof as both their parents.

“They’re continuing to thrive so beautifully,” Mowry told PEOPLE. “I’m in awe of my children, especially my son right now… he’s learning at such a young age that sometimes life will give you challenges, but that doesn’t mean that you give up, that doesn’t mean that you don’t believe in yourself.” 

However, hopeful fans still believe there’s a chance for reconciliation after Mowry, Hardrict, and their offspring spent the holidays together. But Mowry has not publicly added anything to fuel that hope.

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