‘That Man Will Talk a Good Game to You’: Jess Hilarious Hits Back After Master P Claims She Was Joking About Owing Her $15K for ‘I Got the Hook Up 2’ Role

Jess Hilarious is ready for Master P to pay her what he owes her. The comedian co-hosted “The Breakfast Club” alongside DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God on Feb. 21, when she alleged that the mogul, whose real name is Percy Miller, only paid a portion of her wages when they worked together in 2019.

Her claim came to light as she discussed Master P’s recent appearance on “The Gauds Show.” The No Limit Records founder proposed a new law that would set a statute of limitations of seven years to prevent past colleagues from making public comments about someone or their past business dealings. His stance comes after D.C.-area rapper Fat Trel claimed that Master P failed to make good on his word of developing a film similar to “Menace II Society” for the 32-year-old to star in.

Jess Hilarious, Master P
Comedian Jess Hilarious and Master P. (Photos: @kesshilarious_official/Instagram, @masterp/Instagram)

“Back then, I had a movie in mind. It was called ‘Get Money,’” said Master P before adding that talks about the film took place 12 or 15 years ago. Still, the disappointment apparently led Trel to cut ties with the entertainment executive.

“That’s what I call ungratefulness,” he continued. “If you moved on 10 or 15 or 20 years after me, why is you talking about me? … It should be a law. After seven years you shouldn’t be allowed to go on no podcast and talk about nobody. Think about it! It’s a statute of limitations. If you ain’t been around that person in over seven years, please, you don’t deserve to talk about them.”

While Jess said she was able to see both sides of the story, she noted that the “Make Em Say Unh” artist was not alone in having to deal with remarks about his professional past.

“I don’t care if it was seven years, 11 years, if you did something to me and I have something to say, I’mma say it,” said Jess. “That’s just what it is. You not the only one that’s out here being talked about, we got Diddy — people still talking about Ma$e because of what happened — Jay [Z], so many people, so you not the only person.”

She then went on to add, “That man will talk a good game to you. Even with me, ‘I Got the Hook Up [2],’ I’m still owed some bread for that. I’m not gone lie to you.” She clarified that she shot two scenes and was only paid for the one that made the final cut. “I stayed there for 13 hours to do two scenes. … I like to charge $15,000 per skit,” she said.

When Charlamagne interjected, “That was a long time ago though, you’re number done went up since then,” the “Rel” actress comically quipped, “It ain’t been seven years so I can still talk about this. I can still talk about this. I don’t care. As soon as you give me the check we’ll be good, man.”

She continued, “I tried … I hit Romeo, I hit everybody, you know, but they got they own issues. So Im’ma wait till it die down a bit, but Fat Trel, I get where he coming from.”

A day after Jess made her claims, the serial entrepreneur hit back. In an Instagram post, he wrote that he had her contract and proof that she was paid. “She was joking about a second check that was never in her contract. That’s the narrative they ran with for clickbait and fake headlines. Thank God for receipts!” he wrote. 

While Master P may have thought the situation regarding payments was put to bed, the popular comic made it known that the only person making light of the predicament was him. “You think out of everybody out there right now, I’mma come after you for clickbait and fake headlines?” She began while addressing his remarks on Feb. 23. 

She continued, “I don’t have to do that, sir! Now, he playing around with me because I never said it was a second check. It was money paid upfront and then it was supposed to have been another $15,000. Yeah, I didn’t get the other half of my money. Stop playing with me like this was check 1, check 2. No.”

In December, Master P came under fire from his eldest son, Romeo Miller, for allegedly waiting years to pay the 33-year-old for the promotional work he did for Rap Snacks. The former father-son business duo traded barbs back and forth on social media before they finally put the kibosh on their family issues being played out for millions to see.

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