‘She Should Just Live and Don’t Advise Us’: Rasheeda Frost’s “Perfect Marriage’ Post with Kirk Frost Has Fans Bringing Up His Love Child  

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost have been through it all in their 20-plus years together.

Last December, the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” veterans celebrated 23 years of marriage. Together, they have two sons, Ky, 22, and Carter, 9. Fans of the loosely scripted reality series know that Rasheeda and Frost have not always had pleasant times, with many of the difficulties in the last decade, such as infidelity and a child born out of an affair, playing out for millions to see.

Rasheeda, Kirk Frost
Rasheeda and Kirk Frost. (Photo: @rasheeda/Instagram.)

Still, the “Marry Me” rapper has made it a point to publicly celebrate their staying power. In a Valentine’s Day post, she shared a happy photo of her and Frost. In the caption, she wrote, “A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other!” While many shared compliments in the comments, others would have been remiss if they did not dredge up some of the past relationship drama that made for good TV.

“Girl he had a baby on you on tv please give it up we don’t want a love like y’all’s please keep it! And the baby was just the icing on the cake tbh.”

“I’ll never forget her mom running over his dirt bike in the driveway, top tier reality tv.”

And those who see the Atlanta natives as the furthest thing from couple goals said Rasheeda may want to hold off on giving advice or sharing her thoughts on what makes for a lasting union.

“U may have refused to give up on him..but he gave up on u a few times..I hope he’s changed, prayed, and is treating u better.”

“She should just live and don’t advise us about anything linked to marriage.”

“Nah it’s a marriage where the woman didn’t leave the many times she should’ve. But hey, it worked out for him.”

Last year, the “My Bubble Gum” artist explained how she has managed to ignore comments about her marriage since starring on the VH1 franchise and giving millions a front-row seat into the many ups and downs of she and Frost’s intimate situations. “It didn’t matter to me about other people’s opinions and that’s something that I had to realize. You not gon’ be anybody on television if people ain’t gon’ drag,” she said.

“I had to realize that my marriage was mine, and it wasn’t anybody else’s. So other people’s opinions…it didn’t matter, especially from a lot of people who’ve never even been married before,” she continued.

Elsewhere in the comments, fans were humored and confused by the music executive’s hair. For years, audiences have only seen the D-Lo record label founder with an almost bald fade. However, in the new photo, he sports a small afro that some have speculated is a hairpiece. Rasheeda was not off limits either, not everyone thought that her wavy tresses and bangs were a hit.

“Kirk if you don’t take that d—n velcro of yo head.”

“That hair not giving.”

“Ain’t NO WAY Kirk got hair now.”

“Kirk lace front to far back.”

The Pressed boutique owner jumped into her comments with a response to fans that let them know she and Frost were well aware of the flood of remarks about their hair. “Y’all got us cracking up at these comments FR FR,” she began. “Now we have lost weight. Kirk really does have hair yall & I like my bayyyyyannngggggssssss.”

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