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‘She’s Right’: Fans Defend Rasheeda Frost After She Opens Up About Not Listening to Other People’s Opinions About Her Marriage to Kirk

In almost every interview, “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Rasheeda is asked about overcoming obstacles in her marriage to Kirk Frost. The two wed in 1999, and share two sons, Ky and Karter. But their marriage has been anything but flawless. The hit VH1 series revealed Kirk cheated on Rasheeda multiple times, including having an affair with an ex-stripper that led to a love child in season six.

Rasheed forgave her husband for fathering a child outside of their marriage, although it took her a while to adapt to the baby. During a recent interview, the Pressed boutique owner was asked what compels her to stick beside her man, who sat next to her.

She?s Right': Fans Defend Rasheeda Frost After She Opens Up About Not Listening to Other People?s Opinions About Her Marriage to Kirk
Rasheeda and Kirk Frost (Photo: @rasheeda/Instagram.)

“It didn’t matter to me about other people’s opinions and that’s something that I had to realize. You not gon’ be anybody on television if people ain’t gon’ drag,” the reality star told The Neighborhood Talk. “They dragging Beyoncé right now.”

The 40-year-old acknowledged the “really really really nasty things” viewers had to say about her and her marriage. “I had to realize that my marriage was mine, and it wasn’t anybody else’s,” she said. “So other people’s opinions…it didn’t matter, especially from a lot of people who’ve never even been married before.”

She said it’s easy to say what you will or won’t do, but, “You don’t know what you would put up with. You don’t know what your drawing point is. You don’t know what life has in store for you.” She added, “But at the end of the day, I’ve made my decisions. I’m happy with my life.”

Kirk chimed in to express how he felt about his wife still supporting him after nearly two decades. The 53-year-old shared that “most of the guys” that watch the show told him and Rasheeda that they helped them through their relationship. He said he never realized what type of “healing” it created for other people’s marriages.

Fans in the comments section applauded Rasheeda for opening up and sharing her truth for reconciling her marriage after various obstacles. She was also praised for not listening to others’ opinions involving matters of the heart.

“That’s their marriage at the end of the day.”

“She’s right. And if that’s what I’d have to put up with, I don’t want it.”

While Kirk and Rasheeda serve as an inspiration to many, others can’t forget the experiences he’s put her through.

“If you say so sister.”

“No Rasheeda, you just condone kirk and his kirking habits.”

“Trauma bonding at its finest.”

The “Boss Chick” was pregnant with their second son, Karter, in season two of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta.” Meanwhile, Kirk got caught cheating in a hot tub with former castmate Benzino, a rapper, along with two women.

The Frosts worked things out but things went haywire after Rasheeda found out about Kirk’s reported affair with a woman named Jasmine Washington, who gave birth to a boy in 2016. Kirk and Rasheeda separated the following year but announced they were giving their marriage another try at the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” reunion.

Fans understood Rasheeda’s choice to forgive Kirk’s cheating. But many felt they couldn’t get past being with a man who welcomed a child outside of his marriage.

One person said, “I can understand her staying through cheating. Even though I will not and have never. But, a side baby? No ma’am.”

Another wrote, “I KNOW I’m not putting up with MY HUSBAND having a side BABY. you know you cry at night. god bless.”

A third individual added, “Nobody should be taking relationship advice from Rasheeda and Kirk. I’m sorry.”

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