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‘Now That Would be a Good Match’: Fans Attempt to Play Matchmaker After Ashanti and Michael B. Jordan Pose Together In New Photo

A new photo of Ashanti and Michael B. Jordan together out in New York has fans pairing them up as the next Hollywood “IT” couple. 

The two celebrities were attending a launch party for Power 105.1 FM’s DJ Suss One’s new podcast, “The Feature Presentation: Where Movies & Music Meet,” on Friday, Feb. 3. 

This event had been receiving promotion for a month prior via DJ Suss One’s Instagram. In his flier, the musical artist added Jordan on board as his first guest host and gave fans a live performance from Ashanti. 

With both A-list celebrities in the building, it was natural for photographers to want to capture images of them. And in this case, one photo in particular caused fans to lose their minds. 

(L) Ashanti (Pictured: @ashanti/Instagram) (R) Michael B. Jordan (Pictured: @ashantinews/Instagram.)

An Ashanti fan page obtained several photos of the 42-year-old that included an image of Ashanti and Jordan side by side as his hand wrapped around her waist while they cheerfully posed for the camera.

Many fans found themselves attempting to play matchmaker with them, suggesting they’d make a rather good-looking couple. 

“They look good together, now that would be a good match”

“They actually would make a nice couple. He seems like a good dude and she’s always in good spirits”

“I hope he slips her his number [laughing emojis] last I heard he’s ready for kids and she is too so they’d be cute together. Shan, he’s a good egg”

Though the “Foolish” singer is seven years older than Jordan, it may be that age isn’t a big factor for him; his ex-girlfriend, Lori Harvey, was 10 younger than him. 

Jordan and Harvey’s relationship was unexpected but beloved by many fans. The two never shied away from expressing their love for each other through Instagram posts or interviews. It didn’t take long before they became one of fans’ favorite couples to admire. 

However, they soon called it quits after dating for a little bit over a year. While neither of them publicly spoke about why their relationship came to an end, that didn’t stop fans from speculating that Harvey didn’t want to fully commit and settle down in this moment of her life. 

Nearly nine months after their breakup, Jordan decided to speak out during his opening monologue on the Jan. 28, 2023, episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

Jordan’s monologue became a trending topic after the “Creed” actor stumbled on a word while discussing how he dealt with his heartbreak. 

As for Ashanti, the Grammy Award-winning artist is most notably known for her on-again/off-again relationship with rapper and Texas native Nelly. 

The two met in 2003, and had somewhat of a rocky relationship for the next 10 years. Six years after meeting, they collaborated on the track “Body On Me.” 

In 2013, they officially called it quits and went through their own relationships with other individuals. However, their current friendship continues to give fans hope that maybe one day they will romantically reconcile.

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