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‘She Hurt His Feelings Real Bad’: Michael B. Jordan’s SNL Monologue a Hit with Fans Until He Stumbles Over a Joke While Discussing Split from Lori Harvey

“Creed III” star and director Michael B. Jordan completed a number of firsts over the weekend. Not only did the actor make his grand debut as guest host and moderator for “Saturday Night Live” on Jan. 28, but he also spoke publicly about his breakup with his ex-girlfriend, Lori Harvey.

For his opening monologue, Jordan introduced himself to the audience as “Michael B. hosting, Michael B. Joking and honestly, Michael B. nervous.” He continued with his other names, “Michael B. vulnerable but don’t worry, Mike’ll B. all right. Because Michael B. … in therapy.”

Jordan then received a round of applause after sharing he directed the third adaptational spin-off to the “Rocky” film series.

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Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey (Photo: @loriharvey/Instagram.)

As he described what should have been an exciting achievement in his life, Jordan confessed that he went through his “very first public breakup” right after. 

While “SNL” scripts are usually comically created for hosts to poke fun at themselves, it was hard to understand Jordan’s supposed joke due to him stumbling over his words. 

“But, right after that, I went through my very first per … ,” said the Hollywood star before taking a breath and continuing, “my very first public breakup.” 

Since the five-time NAACP winner already maintained a solid shape and workout routine, he confessed to leaning into another act to help post breakup. 

“Now most people after a breakup, are like I’m going to get in shape. But I was already in ‘Creed’ shape. So I had to be like, ‘all right; I guess I’ll learn a new language.”

Proving that he successfully learned a new language, he jokingly decided to announce that he’d joined the dating app “Raya” in Spanish. “Anyway, estoy en Raya,” Jordan said. 

Though he managed to make it through the rest of his speech without stumbling, fans couldn’t help but notice the two-second slip-up. 

The Neighborhood Talks obtained a portion of Jordan’s monologue, which included his stutter, causing fans to infer that his mess-up was due to nerves, being that this was his first time publicly speaking out about his former boo, who has since moved on to “Snowfall” actor Damson Idris

“You sound hurt sir.”

“She hurt his feelings real bad.”

“He’s stuttering ALOT!”

There were also a few fans who defended Jordan, saying that the stutter had been turned into a bigger conversation than it needed to be.

“…I’m laughing because it was funny. Others are making it way too personal.”

“Y’all do realize someone else wrote this monologue for him, right?”

“I don’t think he care as much as y’all do.”

During his monologue, the “Without Remorse” actor also addressed the popular meme that was created after he was seen at a basketball right after their separation. 

According to Jordan, news of his breakup became public while he was at the basketball game, making people assume that he was utterly heartbroken. 

“Look, I was just chillin’, but the internet decided that I- that was me being sad,” he shared. 

The “Sexiest Man Alive” went on to jokingly take jabs at himself, saying that he was lucky enough to have someone else with his same name maintain a more-known crying meme on the internet. He then referred to a meme of basketball legend Michael Jordan and his 2009 speech after being inducted into the “Hall of Fame.” 

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