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‘He Still Sick Over Lori’: Michael B. Jordan ‘SNL’ Promo Falls Flat When Fans Say He’s Lost His Edge Since Lori Harvey Breakup

Michael B. Jordan probably won’t be able to escape the Lori Harvey storyline anytime soon.

The “Without Remorse” star is set to make his debut as the host of “Saturday Night Live” on Jan. 28. In a promo clip teasing the show, he was joined by musical guest Lil Baby and comedian Heidi Gardner. The minute-long video made way for Gardner to carry the jokes while Jordan and Lil Baby chimed in here and there.

For at least one person, Jordan’s appearance seemed lackluster and presumably a by-product of his and Harvey’s breakup. “Michael B. Jordan kinda losing his swag since the Lori breakup,” read the remark. The former lovebirds were together for a year-and-a-half, but ultimately called it quits in June 2022. Jordan had just purchased a $12.5 million home that fans assumed would be for the couple. He has since added a few upgrades and placed it back on the market

This is not the first time fans have criticized the “Creed” actor for seemingly losing some of his style and finesse. Since the two parted, he has been the center of jokes about his wardrobe choices, most noticeably the yellow suit he wore to the premiere of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.”

“Kinda wish they had Drake and 21 for this,” read another comment. In November, Jordan briefly appeared on “SNL” to introduce Drake and 21 Savage as the musical guests in a spoof for the Nov. 5 episode. The hip-hop artists had just released their joint album. “Ladies and gentlemen, presenting your musical guest for the evening: Drake and 21 Savage performing a song off of one of the most relatable albums of all time, ‘Her Loss,’ ” said the actor.

“Michael B. Jordan introducing Drake and 21 Savage on SNL saying “and now performing a song from the most relatable album of all time ‘Her Loss’” lmaoooooo chile he is still sick over Lori,” tweeted one person in reaction to the seemingly shady moment.

Another tweeted, “Drake getting Michael B. Jordan to announce “Her Loss” as “most relatable album” in an SNL skit is a sneak Lori Harvey sub and I’m mad y’all didn’t get it.” It was the first time, and thus far the only time he has publicly acknowledged their failed romance, though that can change if “SNL” writers are given free range to poke fun at Jordan’s personal life in skits.

Though he has yet to make it known if he is entertaining a new leading lady in his life, he did recently reveal that he has had plenty of action in the past decade. Ahead of live hosting the sketch comedy show, Jordan also stopped by “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” where he shared a quirky tidbit about the women of “SNL” spending time with his “body double.”

“I walk into the office and they’re like, ‘This might be a little weird, but we actually have been living with you for the last 10 years.’ I said, ‘Living with me the last 10 years, what are you talking about?’ ” recalled Jordan.

To his surprise, a producer was gifted a body pillow with a photo of him printed on the front and back. “I said, ‘Whose pillow is that?’ And, you know, the lady was like, ‘Oh it’s mine.’ And she was like, ‘Listen, our hours here are so crazy that everybody takes naps at some point during the day.’ ”

He continued, “I was like, ‘So, wait. Every lady in here has slept with me at some point in the last 10 years?’ And they were like, ‘Yes, everybody has at one point.’ “

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