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Marlon Wayans Dating History Revealed: Who is He Dating Now?

Comedian and actor Marlon Wayans is one of Hollywood’s most lovable bachelors. The New York native has a career that includes writing, creating and starring in comedic films from the 1990s to today. His zodiac sign is Leo, which speaks to the confident and outgoing personality that everyone loves. Yet, he’s never been married despite reports of his long-term relationship with Angelica ‘Angela’ Zachary, the mother of his two children. The former couple was together for over 10 years but never tied the knot. 

Wayans has also had relationships with singers, actresses and socialites such as TLC’s Chilli, Simply Jess and a triple threat who portrayed the late Aretha Franklin in a film. Fans want to know who Marlon Wayans is dating now.

Who is Marlon Wayans Dating Now?

So We Were Robbed of a Black Robin?': Resurfaced Story About Marlon Wayans Starring In ‘Batman Returns’ Shocks Fans
BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 27: Marlon Wayans attends the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on March 27, 2022 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Arturo Holmes/FilmMagic)

Marlon Wayans is friends with several female artists, socialites, and actresses. Therefore, it’s hard to pinpoint who he’s dating at the moment. A casual scroll down his Instagram feed and you’ll find images of the film producer with the likes of Xscape singer and reality star Kandi Burruss of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Paris Hilton and other women. 

The “Dance Flick” star and co-writer also shares touching photos of his late mother and heartwarming dedications to his exes and female friends. Typically for Mother’s Day or their birthday each year, he pens lengthy but enduring posts to show his appreciation for the women he’s encountered in life. 

However, Wayans has yet to share images of the woman he’s rumored to have fathered a child with. It’s unclear if the soon-to-parents are dating or when they began dating. But her baby bump can’t be denied.

Marlon Wayans’ Dating Timeline

‘I Don’t Want to Give Nobody Issues’: Marlon Wayans Reveals Why He Never Wed, Shares the Impact His Love for His Mother Had on His Decision to Remain a Bachelor
Photo: @marlonwayans/Instagram

The 50-year-old has kept his love life private. But he’s been more than open about his stance on tying the knot. After the 2020 passing of his dear mother, Elvira Wayans, the film writer revealed that she was the reason why he never married

He said, “I never got married because I knew my mom needed me. Women sometimes want to battle for your attention, they want to battle for your love, they want to be the one. Me and my mama share the same birthday (July 23). I’m not trying to hear you.”

The “White Chicks” star said he no longer views marriage as a necessity but as a distraction. 

“You know what I need? I need peace. You know what you need? Peace. Love is a vacation. I don’t want to give nobody issues,” Wayans shared. “I want to give you smiles, and I hope you want to give me the same. All the other stuff is just noise and stuff that we’re battling.”

He continued, “I just want to smile. I just want to laugh. I just want to eat well, I just want to travel. I just want to be loved, I just want to be hugged. I just want to hug you. I just want all the good stuff. All that other nonsense? It’s for the birds.”

Aside from his relationship with Zachary, Marlon Wayans dated Jennifer Hudson, Salli Richardson Whitfield and TLC’s Chilli.

Let’s dive deeper into Marlon Wayans’s relationships and the women with whom he’s had romantic ties.

Marlon Wayans and Brittany Tarajha (2022)

Brittany Tarajha posted maternity pics on Instagram of the soon-to-be parents in September 2022. @brittanytarajha.

Marlon Wayans is about to be a dad of three after maternity photos of images of him and a woman appeared online. She goes by Brittany Tarajha on Instagram, where she shared pictures of the soon-to-be parents in September. Wayans wore a black shirt and pants while facing away from the camera. Therefore, fans only got a glimpse of his face from the side. Meanwhile, the mystery woman wore a black sheer lace-like dress while holding her baby bump.

“The “Senseless” actor has yet to address news about becoming a father of three. It’s unclear how long he may have been or if he’s officially dating the woman. But fans think the proof is in the photos, leaving them no need to have to speculate about the pregnancy.

Marlon Wayans and Jennifer Hudson (2020-2021)

Marlon Wayans Gushes Over Co-Star Jennifer Hudson’s Portrayal of Aretha Franklin, Says He’ll Take Matters Into His Own Hands If She’s Snubbed at the Oscars
Marlon Wayans Gushes Over Co-Star Jennifer Hudson. Portrayal of Aretha FranklinPhoto: @marlonwayans/Instagram

Fans were suspicious that singer Jennifer Hudson and Marlon Wayans were dating after working together in the Aretha Franklin biopic “Respect.” Hudson portrayed the late singer, while Wayans played the dramatic role of Franklin’s first husband and manager, Ted White. Both actors did so well that fans began speculating that Hudson was dating Marlon Wayans while filming. Their on-screen chemistry as Aretha Franklin and Ted White was noticeably strong off-screen as well. 

The “Respect” film was previously scheduled to premiere in August 2020, and it was delayed until January 2021 due to COVID-19; it ultimately hit theaters on Aug. 13, 2021. 

A week before, Hudson and Wayans attended a premiere event for “Respect” in Los Angeles. Hudson spoke highly of their magical chemistry during an interview with “Extra” reporter Rachel Lindsay on the red carpet. Meanwhile, the “Little Man” star complimented her beauty.

?The Chemistry Is Definitely There?: Jennifer Hudson and Marlon Wayans Plot Their Next Project on Her Show, and It?s Obvious to Fans It Should Be Becoming a Couple
Marlon Wayans and Jennifer Hudson’s fans bring up how much chemistry the pair as they discuss plans about a possible future project. (Photo: Jennifer Hudson/YouTube)

In another interview, Wayans discussed his partnership with the EGOT winner, including his desire to do more films together.  

“Oh man, I want to do three more movies with Jennifer. I think we have great chemistry. We get along great,” he said. “She’s such a sweetheart, and she’s a dynamic performer and such a graceful, humble, beautiful person.”

He added, “I want to be like Billy Dee and Diana Ross, where they did like two or three movies together. So let’s make it happen.” 

Like Wayans, Jennifer Hudson’s love life has been kept private for the most part. Her most well-known relationship was with former professional wrestler David Otunga.

The pair was engaged for almost a decade before calling it off in 2017, when Hudson filed a protective order against Otunga. They also share a 13-year-old son named David Daniel Otunga Jr.

In October 2022, Hudson caught up with her “Respect” co-star, who appeared as a guest on “The Jennifer Hudson Show.” She thanked Wayans for being instrumental in her landing her first talk show.

“I would not be here without this man. He was a huge part of me getting the show because he was a part of creating the pilot for the show,” said Hudson. “So thank you so much for that, Marlon.” He humbly replied, “Thank you … you’re welcome. You get that.” YOU GET THAT????

The “Senseless” star said he developed a deeper appreciation for their friendship after the Hudson sang at his mother’s funeral in 2020. 

“You came, and you sang at my mama’s funeral for nothing. She just came up,” he told Hudson and the audience. “She showed up, and she sang at my mama’s funeral, and you know that’s my favorite girl. So when you did that … I’m always one phone call away.”

Marlon Wayans and Mystery Brunette Woman (2013)

In March 2013, Wayans took a vacation to St. Barth, where a younger bikini-clad woman accompanied him. Paparazzi spotted the American actor on a yacht with friends, but he couldn’t keep their lips or hands off the woman. She was also seen rubbing his back, laughing hysterically, and kissing the “Scary Movie” star. 

Many jumped to conclusions about Wayans dating the mystery woman, whose identity was never confirmed. 

Marlon Wayans and Angelica ‘Angela’ Zachary (2005-2013) 

This Is So Embarrassing': Marlon Wayans' Sweet Video of Daughter Makes for Secondhand Embarrassment for Fans
Marlon Wayans’ wife Angelica Zachary, his daughter, Amai Zackary Wayans, Marlon Wayans, and his son Shawn Howell Wayans. Photo: @marlonwayans/Instagram)

After over a decade, the actor, notoriously private about his personal life, parted ways with his longtime partner, Angelica ‘Angela’ Zachary. They began dating in 1992 and share two children, a daughter, Amai, 22, and a son, Shawn Howell Wayans, 20. 

The ex-couple never married, despite previous reports, mainly due to the impact it may have on his kids. 

“Marriage isn’t for me,” said Wayans. “I know me, if I was married, I’d be divorced. I’m anti-authority, I don’t like being told what to do, I don’t like living with people, I like my own space, when I’m present, I’m present; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

The “White Chicks” star claims his views on matrimony lifetime bonds changed after watching his brothers Kennen Ivory Wayans, Damon Wayans and Shawn Wayans go through public divorces. 

“I watched my brothers get divorced. I think divorce hurts kids more than if the parents were never married,” said the “I’m Gonna Git U Sucka” star. When me and Ang broke up, nothing changed for my kids because we never lived together.”

Over the years, Wayans has maintained a cordial relationship with Zachary. CORRECT NAME? He has sang praises about her on Instagram as recently as September of this year and shared a throwback photo of the two holding hands.

In the caption, he wrote, “Love you for life… you’re always my family. I will always celebrate you. Thank you for loving me. And all the gifts you’ve bestowed upon me. You’ve been beyond a blessing. God is so good. Some people get Angels… I got an ANGELA… Always my n—— A.Z.”

Marlon Wayans and Essence Atkins (1995-2022)

Premiere Of Netflix's Sextuplets - Arrivals
HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – AUGUST 07: Marlon Wayans (L) and Essence Atkins attend the premiere of Netflix’s “Sextuplets” at ArcLight Hollywood on August 07, 2019 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic)

Marlon Wayans has worked on numerous films and series with actress Essence Atkins. They first met in 1995 on the set of his family series, “The Wayans Bros.” Fans were entertained by their chemistry as husband and wife in his feature films “Haunted House” and its sequel. She also played Marlon Wayans’ wife in his NBC series “Marlon.”

Atkins and Wayans have been friends for decades, but there’s always been speculation about whether the two have gone to the next level. Many have raised the question for years, but it’s never been confirmed

“Me and Essence have a lot of history,” Marlon told BOSSIP in 2017. “We just got chemistry, I think in a parallel universe, we’re together. I knew working with her on the set of ‘Haunted House’ that if I ever do ‘Cosby,’ she was my Phylicia Rashad.”

As a rising actress, Atkins played the love interest of Marlon’s brother, Shawn Wayans, on “The Wayans Bros.” The WB sitcom follows real-life brothers Marlon and Shawn as they run a newspaper stand next to their father’s restaurant in New York City.

Rumors about Wayans dating the “Half & Half” actor re-sparked earlier this year in February. For Atkins’ 50th birthday, he shared a heartwarming Instagram post and caption. He said, “You’re sweet, kind, humble, beautiful inside and out, and you f——g CARE. You make me want to be better. You’re an excellent soul. A compassionate, sensitive romantic.”

In the comments, she expressed how moved she was by Wayans’ remarks. “You bless me beyond measure- when I see myself through your gaze I am inspired to live my best life and grow!” she said. “We are family for life and I love you to the moon.”

Marlon Wayans and Tami Roman (1993)

Tami Roman Quits Finance Job
Tami Roman poses for a picture shared on Instagram on June 4, 2022. (Photo@ tamiroman / Instagram)

Rumor has it that reality TV star Tami Roman was pregnant by Wayans. They reportedly dated and talked on the phone during her time on MTV’s “The Real World: Los Angeles.” According to reports from Urban Belle Magazine and other outlets, “Tami and Marlon did date. In fact, Tami dated a few men while she was on the show. And although they dated, they weren’t close to marriage or anything because the relationship wasn’t that serious to either one of them.”

Marlon Wayans and Rozanda ‘Chilli’ Thomas (1992) 

Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas from TLC. Photo:@therealchilli/Instagram

Unbeknownst to many, Wayans had a brief romantic relationship with Chilli from TLC. According to reports, they dated for a few short months after she met the funnyman after catching his role as Seymour Stewart in “Mo’ Money.”

Neither shared many details about their relationship, but we know Wayans was the “one who got away,” said Chilli. 

“The thing that was so wonderful about him is that we were friends but he really did love me,” she revealed in a 2008 interview. “Like, if I had to look back and say, ‘Who really loved and adored me?’ It was him.” 

The very private actor seemingly admitted to dating the R&B singer, whom he called “a great person” in a separate interview. 

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