Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga’s Custody Agreement Revealed: Neither Can Have Overnight Romantic Guest While Son Is in the Home

It was recently reported that Jennifer Hudson and her ex David Otunga  settled their nasty custody dispute over their 9-year-old son David Otunga Jr. And now some of the details of that agreement have surfaced.

According to The Blast, both will have equal custody of Otunga Jr., and neither can have a romantic guest spend the night when they’re parenting. In fact, both agreed not to bring any of their significant others around their son unless they’re in a “serious, committed relationship.”

On top of that, both agreed to exchange their schedules every two months, then suggest a schedule for the following two months. And from there, they’ll try to reach some sort of compromise.

Hudson and Otunga also promised to each be involved in the crucial decisions involving their son, like which public school he attends, and that school has to be in Illinois.

The singer and WWE commentator will both have to help with their son’s homework as well, and neither are allowed to take him out of school without giving the other notice first. Additionally, the former couple agreed they’ll raise Otunga Jr. as a Christian.

Plus, Hudson will pay Otunga child support, but the amount hasn’t been revealed.

In 2017 Hudson filed a protective order against her ex after she claimed he shoved her while holding their son. The “American Idol” member later dropped the order, and Otunga said it never happened.

Later in the custody dispute, Otunga wanted Hudson to pay his housing costs on top of child support, which is something her lawyer blasted him for.

“Having a child with a celebrity should not be the basis to treat David like someone who has given birth to a child and who has no means of supporting the child,” read court documents.

Hudson’s lawyer also rejected Otunga’s idea that her client was too busy with her career to parent properly, and that claim was called a “disservice to working parents.”

Hudson and Otunga were engaged for 10 years but broke up before they married.

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