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‘Ray Charles Can See That’s Marlon’: Fans Speculate That Marlon Wayans Is Expecting His Third Child After Maternity Photos with a Mystery Woman Surface Online, Others are Perplexed After Thinking He Was Dating Essence Atkins

If speculating fans are right, then Marlon Wayans may soon become a father of three. Maternity photos posted by a woman identified as Brittany Tarajha on social media have fans thinking that the actor managed to keep the good news private until, well, the images surfaced online.

In the images, Tarajha is wearing a sheer lace-like dress as she cradles her growing belly. Standing next to her, but with his back to the camera, is a man dressed in all black who shares some side-profile similarities with the “White Chicks” actor. In a second photo, the soon-to-be parents are seen with their heads gently touching as they gaze at each other; the man that social media users presume to be Wayans is still facing away from the camera. 

The comedian has not addressed the buzz regarding the mystery woman or the possibility of him being an expectant father. But, for some fans, the photos are all the confirmation they need to offer up congratulatory messages.

“I’m happy for them and just pray for their privacy now that it’s all out there now….”

“We know the back of that head.. it’s him,” wrote one person who is certain that Wayans is the man in the images.


“You can clearly see that’s him…… especially if you’re a Marlon fan…… congrats to the couple.”

Another person wrote, “Yup it’s true. Saw his show in San Diego and he confirmed it. Beautiful couple.” The “Bel-Air” actor has been performing standup sets across the country. He was in San Diego, California, at the top of September, and recently filmed his latest special in Atlanta, Georgia.

The youngest of the Wayans family has two children, son Shawn, 20, and daughter Amai, 22, with his former longtime girlfriend Angelica Zachary. He often shouts out his ex on Instagram, where his messages illustrate the friendship and loving bond they have maintained as co-parents.

Other social media users said they mistook the expectant father for Nick Cannon at first glance. “So desensitized that I immediately thought it was Nick Cannon,” read a comment.

“As long as it ain’t nick cannonballs in this shoot,” read another.

And a third said, “A baby is a blessing .I hope we don’t see him every other week like Nick cannon has shocked us.

Among the flood of comments, many people were perplexed by the baby news and Wayans’ relationship status. The actor has managed to maintain a rather private life despite his star presence and blockbuster projects throughout the years. 

“Thought he was with Essence?” wrote one person. Since Wayans and actress Essence Atkins starred in the horror film “A Haunted House” in 2013, fans have speculated that the two actors have more than a professional relationship. Atkins and Wayans have both shut down the rumors countless times, noting that while their chemistry is palpable, they have only ever shared a platonic relationship.

Someone else wrote, “I thought him and Jennifer Hudson was dating?” And a third wrote, “I thought he was married?” Hudson and Wayans did play former couple Aretha Franklin and Ted White in “Aretha.” And as far as marriage goes, he has yet to take the plunge.

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