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‘He Did Some F–k S–t’: ‘LHHATL’ Fans Scold Yung Joc After His Girlfriend Kendra Gets in Heated Altercation With Karlie Redd

This week’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” brought on all the messiness viewers craved.

The tension between reality TV veteran Karlie Redd and Yung Joc‘s girlfriend Kendra Robinson finally came to a head. During episode 4 last week, Redd revealed to Robinson that her boyfriend, rapper Yung Joc, who’s Redd’s ex-flame, “tried” to have sexual relations with her in a hotel room while he was in a relationship with Robinson.

Yung Joc
Yung Joc speaks onstage during the 2018 Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show at Georgia World Congress Center on August 4, 2018, in Atlanta. (Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

By this week’s episode 5, when the Atlanta attorney confronted Joc about his ex-girlfriend’s cheating allegations he denied them, claiming Redd was “miserable as f‚Äďk!” and lying. Robinson believed her man and apparently had a bone to pick with Redd.

Their co-star Rasheeda Frost tried to bury the hatchet between Joc, Robinson and Redd, but before she and the cast knew it things had spun out of control. Without directly addressing Redd, although he clearly was talking about her, he said out loud, “I’m not gonna play no childish games with nobody in this room.”

Before he could finish, Robinson added, “Especially not me.”

Redd shot back at Robinson, telling her to, “Jump up” which led to security pulling Redd outside and Joc holding Robinson back from almost throwing hands with the supposed 45-year-old. The confrontation ended with Redd hitting the lawyer with her heel and Joc calming his girlfriend down.

Karlie Redd
Karlie Redd. @loveandhiphop/Instagram

However, “LHHATL” viewers blamed Yung Joc for the ladies’ heated verbal altercation, claiming he previously admitted to sleeping around with both women at the same time, causing tension between them.

“I blame Joc! He should’ve been real with Kendra and Karlie both he’s causing the drama between them ūüôĄ.”

“Everybody mad at Karlie but I’m blaming Joc. He did some f–k s–t which he admitted to and now he mad becuz his girl feellings hurt?! Nigga you did it! He admitted to the guys that he overlapped. Karlie is messy but she tells the godddamn truth ūü§∑ūüŹĺ‚Äć!”

“The whole joc n kendra is messy because of joc. He didn‚Äôt completely own up to his shi with Kendra or karlie. So it makes karlie look bad when all she wanted was to put all bull on table so everything could be cool. To be honest joc should be better to karlie because they are actually friends.”

Other folks on the other hand blamed Redd.

“Karlie mad because at the time her relationship was on the rocks and sinking. She was jealous in the moment. Sad she to old ūüôĄ.”

“Karlie was wrong af! She always messy and starting some s–t!”
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