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‘She Sounds Like Her Old Self Here’: Wendy Williams Looks to Be Working on New Show Following Rehab Stint

Wendy Williams is slowly but surely getting back to her old self after spending time in rehab. The former talk show host entered a wellness facility in early September for treatment of alcohol abuse. She reportedly checked out last week, as previously reported.

Over the past few months, millions have voiced their opinion about Williams’ personal life or criticized her professional career. For longtime fans, it’s been harrowing to watch the demise of one of the most iconic talk show host on television. In the midst of health and financial struggles, “The Wendy Williams Show” was canceled in June after 13 years on-air. She was excluded from the grand finale episode and within weeks, traces of the show were removed from YouTube. In search of new ways to make income, the 58-year-old announced “The Wendy Experience Podcast.” But some are concerned she’s returning to work so soon.

Wendy Williams. YouTube/Screenshot.

On Wednesday, Oct. 26, Williams shared a video on the Instagram page for “The Wendy Experience Podcast.” She appeared bright-eyed and glowing in the face while sharing a message for her fans using her signature catchphrase.

“Hey, ‘How you doin’?” she laughs. “Yeah, it’s me at my apartment. It’s going to be one heck of a bumpy ride.” She continued, “So what do you do? It’s follow the follow. Thank you.” 

The short video features the media maven in her bedroom while a variety of stickers and emojis pop up all over the screen. There was also an admission ticket, a globe, a few happy faces, and a sign that said “Home sweet home.” It closed with Williams’ logo for “The Wendy Experience” podcast. 

Fans in the comments sections were overwhelmed with joy about the former DJ returning to radio platforms. Many focused on the optimism in her voice, assuming she is in a much happier place. 

“Wendy!! You sound great! It’s been too long since we’ve heard a ‘How You Doin’? My heart is happy,” said one person. 

A second wrote, “Ok now she sounds like her old self here! I’m ready for that amazing comeback!!!!”

Several are hopeful Williams might return to daytime television. A third individual commented, “Miss you soo much daytime talk just not the same.”

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