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‘Never Had to Do Much’: Lori Harvey Continues to Prove Why She’s That Girl In Newest Instagram Shot

Lori Harvey continues to step on necks with her amazing fashion sense, as seen in a recent Instagram photo. The picture showed Harvey posing in an outside walkway with dozens of candles planted across from her. 

The model wore a shining black and silver cut out dress with some parts buttoned and other parts showing her bare skin. 


Harvey’s hair was styled in a bob as one side, which most of her hair laid on, made their presence known brushing the corner of her face while the other side sat tucked behind her ear. 

“Doing me & doing better 🖤” Harvey captioned her post which received over 1,000 comments. 

Many comments surrounded Harvey’s ability to maintain her it girl image by doing the bare minimum. 

“She never have to do much😍👏”

“Chiiiilllllllleeeeeee Lori ain’t playing no games😍”

“ATE and left not a single crumb”

As always, fans brought up Harvey’s most recent relationship with ex-boyfriend Michael B. Jordan, stating how he fumbled in letting her go. 

“If he say he don’t want you back, HE BE LYING”

“And it be showing”

Harvey and Jordan reportedly split back in June for reasons unknown, however, an interview with entrepreneur Teyana Taylor had fans convinced they put the pieces together on what caused the beloved couple to go their separate ways. 

During Taylor’s Bumble series titled, “Luv 2 See It with Teyana Taylor” Harvey revealed that she believes it is a red flag if her lover is “too close” to an ex. 

Harvey’s statement convinced fans that Jordan was overly friendly with a former ex of his, which prompted their breakup. 

Since their split, fans have compared Jordan’s recent outfit choices to those of Harvey’s stepfather, Steve Harvey. Many fans joked that Jordan has been inspired to dress like Harvey in an attempt to win her back.

However, after recently appearing on “SNL,” fans claim the “Creed” star took a jab at the model with is “her loss” comment.

While Harvey and Jordan’s relationship was very public, the 25-year-old isn’t just known for dating the “Creed” actor. She is also a part of her dream model agency, IGM Models and WME, and also has her own skin care line named “Skn by LH,” which she launched in April. 

Harvey has been on her grind for the past few years and it looks like she has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

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