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‘Lori Givin Us a Lil Tea’: Lori Harvey Reveals Her Relationship Red Flags and Fans Assume This Is the Reason She and Michael B. Jordan Broke Up

Lori Harvey may have provided insight into why her relationship with Michael B. Jordan didn’t work out.

The pair, which dated for over a year, reportedly broke up in June. At the time, some media reports indicated the reason behind the split was Harvey refused to settle down. In a recent interview with Teyana Taylor, Harvey opened up about how her dating life has helped her grow.

?Lori Givin Us a Lil Tea?: Lori Harvey Reveals Her Relationship Red Flags and Fans Assume This Is the Reason She and Michael B. Jordan Broke Up
Lori Harvey opens up about the red flags in relationships following her split with Michael B. Jordan. Photo:@bumble/YouTube

During Harvey’s Aug. 10 appearance on Taylor’s Bumble series titled “Luv 2 See It with Teyana Taylor,” she disclosed what she considers a red flag in relationships. The 25-year-old said at the 1:59 mark of the interview, “I would say if you are too close to your exes, that’s a red flag.”

After listing being friendly with an ex as a red flag, Harvey later clarified that she doesn’t mind her partner being cordial with the ex: “Cordial, okay, you speak. I don’t want y’all to have beef because then it gets messy.”

When asked by Taylor if the exes’ friendly relationship was genuine, while laughing, Harvey responded, “It’s not adding up for me.”

The SKN by LH CEO wrapped up the conversation by saying if the roles were reversed, would her partner be accepting of her being friendly with an ex? She said, “But also to, on the flip, how would you feel? Are you cool if I’m cool with my exes?”

As Harvey’s comments circulated online, many assumed that the model was talking about Jordan in the interview and claimed that was the main reason behind the breakup.

“Lori givin us a lil tea”

“Was Michael B. Jordan too close to his exes?”

“That’s what Michael B. Jordan did… but then again… why mess with them if they are close to their ex .. I’d cut em off …”

“So this is why her and Michael broke up because he clearly was close with his ex.”

“Ok so Michael was still real close with his ex. Ok got it cuz I was wondering.”

Lori Harvey
Lori Harvey reveals that the date of the interview with Teyana Taylor took place weeks before her breakup with Michael B. Jordan became public. Photo:@loriharvey/Instagram

Immediately following Harvey’s viral remarks, she took to her Instagram story to display either a foreshadowing event or that Jordan may not be the person she was referring to in the interview by showing the exact date it was filmed.

The date read May 19, 2022, weeks before Harvey and Jordan revealed to the public that they were no longer together. Aside from the photo and pure speculation, no additional details regarding Harvey and Jordan’s split have been released.

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