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‘That Thang Is Thanging’: Ciara’s New Instagram Post Has Fans Zooming In On Her Thickness

Fans are zooming in on Ciara’s body after the singer posted a video of her celebrating her new single, “Better Thangs,” which featured R&B singer Summer Walker, hitting top 10 on iTunes.

The mom of three rocked an all-blue skin tight jumpsuit with long jet-black hair strutting different poses as her iTunes hit song played in the background. The 36-year-old striked a turn around pose and showed her rump as she chucked up peace signs on both hands before the model walked away from the camera. 

“Top 10 on iTunes overall!! Day 1! Aye! It’s a celebration #BetterThangs #ReleaseDay [Celebration emoji]” Ciara captioned her post. 

While Ciara’s post was meant to celebrate herself, many fans couldn’t help but notice the “Like a Boy’s” thickness and the way her rump perfectly sat in her outfit. 

“That Thang is Thanging Mrs. Wilson [heart eyes]”

“Toot that thang up!!”

“This jumpsuit ate down! [heart eyes]”

Ciara’s long-time bestie La La Anthony along with Walker commented under her Instagram post and sent heart eyes the “JUMP” singer’s way. 

Ciara has been open about her workout routine and how she managed to stay in tip-top shape after three kids. 

Back in 2020, the singer mapped out a plan for her fitness journey after the birth of her third child, Win, and posted on Instagram her goal to lose 48 pounds with the help of Weight Watchers. 

In 2021, the singer talked to Golden Globe winner Oprah Winfrey about almost reaching her goal and allowing herself some grace if she’d messed up. 

“I had a moment where I had to give myself a little grace, we went on a couple of vacations so I kind of ate a few more desserts than I should have. But, the beautiful thing about the WW [Weight Watchers] program as you know Oprah, is that it goes right with you.”

She continued, “It’s forgiving, it’s not stressful, you don’t feel pressure, you know, and I start logging my numbers.”

The singer also talked about embracing her new shape after her third child. 

She stated, “I realized that literally sometimes you have to step back and look at where you are and say, ‘I’m actually doing all right, I’m actually doing good.’ Like I’m loving like these little extra, you know, my love handles or you know my hips, I’m loving every part of it.”

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