‘Ain’t No Peace Mama Long as You Got Us’: Ciara’s Kids Remind Her She ‘Still Got Some Kids’ After She Attempts to Relish In Tranquil Moment

Ciara’s kids had to remind her she’ll never know peace as long as they’re in the picture in her new adorable Instagram video. The “JUMP” singer uploaded a video of herself barefaced speaking in the camera about how she’s at peace. 

Letting out a sigh of relaxation, Ciara spoke, “Ah, this is what peace looks like. No makeup on no lashes —” 

Ain?t No Peace Mama Long as You Got Us': Ciara's Kids Remind Her She 'Still Got Some Kids' After She Attempts to Relish In Tranquil Moment
Sienna, Win, Ciara, and Future supporting Russell Wilson during on of his NFL games. (Photo: @ciara/Instagram)

Before Ciara could even finish her statement, her daughter Sienna and oldest son Future interrupted her peaceful video and totally took it over by stating, “But you still got some kids though, you still got some kids!” 

Ciara wasn’t capable of keeping a straight face as she let out a chuckle in response to her children’s statement; over one million fans were amused by the humorous video and applauded Ciara’s kids for their quick wit. 

“They really said ain’t no peace mama long as you got us”

“Kids never mind their business Lol”

“They were too ready to say their parts!” 

“They couldn’t wait to remind you! So funny”

A lot of fans couldn’t take their eyes off Ciara’s youngest son, Win, who was all smiles rocking back and forth in his chair as he sat beside his older brother. 

“Not Win trying to chime in [laughing emoji]”

“Win just be doing whatever the big kids do [laughing emoji]”

“Not Win joining in too! It be your own children” 

Ciara’s children range between 2 to 8. The clan of three had to point out that while she may be at “peace” right now, she still has three children to take care of with the help of her husband, Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson

Three may be a village, but Wilson recently proposed more babies to Ciara while she guest hosted “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” back in March. 

“Can we have more babies? I mean it’s perfect, just give me one more at least,” he begged his wife while on one knee. 

Nervously blushing, Ciara agreed, “We definitely can, we got a little time before we get there!”

Who knows, maybe there will soon be four children reminding Ciara she “still got some kids” the next time she records a video about peace.

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