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Raz B Walks Off Stage in Middle of B2K Set During The Millennium Tour

Raz B seems to have had it with “The Millennium Tour” and his group B2K, something he demonstrated Saturday in dramatic fashion.

It was done during a March 23 stop in Nashville, Tennessee, after he threw his microphone down and walked off stage before the set was over. He then went on Instagram Story to explain and said he wasn’t happy with the set’s intro.

Raz B walked off stage while his group B2K was playing in Nashville on “The Millennium Tour.” (Photo: Getty Images, Roy Rochlin)

“It really sucks this being my dream tour,” wrote Raz after the show. “It’s not right. I’m the spirit of the group. I’m clearly alone in this. Nashville, TN it’s being real. @omarion thanks for being there for me when nobody else would. I suggest nobody talk to me cause none of y’all understand what I am walking through! Change the f–king intro. I hate it.”

Raz also responded to a comment underneath a video of him walking off stage where someone said that his headset and microphone wasn’t working. “Facts,” the singer wrote.

He later stated that his microphone wasn’t working on his Instagram live and thanked fans for their continued support.

This isn’t the first time Raz B has made headlines during The Millennium Tour. On March 12, Raz posted a video saying he was leaving the tour because of B2K’s former manager Chris Stokes, whom he’s previously accused of sexually abusing him, which Stokes has always denied.

“Raz B is officially off the tour,” he said. “I don’t feel safe because I feel like Chris Stokes is around. So guess what? I’m off the tour. Good luck to everybody. No disrespect to Omari because he’s my brother. Omari if you want to come talk to me and you want me to do the tour, I’ll do the tour, but I’m officially off the tour, k?”

Then while he spoke to a TMZ reporter the next day, Raz said he’d continue on with the tour but needs to find the right security guard. The singer also said that he feels underappreciated on the tour but refused to answer any questions about Stokes.

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