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‘He Gaslights and Plays Victim So Freaking Good’: Fans React After Omarion Claims the Friction with Him and B2K Members Early on In Their Career Came from ‘Elders’

Omarion Granberry recently provided some clarity behind the animosity between him and his B2K bandmates. B2K, which was a successful boy band that sold millions of records worldwide, also featured Dreux “Lil Fizz” Frédéric, De’Mario “Raz-B” Thornton and Jarell “J-Boog” Houston.

The group made its debut in the music industry in 2002, and released two studio albums together before splitting in 2004. Following their break-up, Granberry went on to pursue a solo career. B2K would ultimately reunite in 2019, for the Millennium Tour.

Omarion opens up during a recent interview with TMZ about why he and his B2K members have had an ongoing feud. Photo:Screenshot/TMZ

The reunion would be short-lived because Grandberry excluded the band from the 2020 tour. At the time, it was reported that B2K wasn’t involved in the project because of Frédéric’s relationship with Grandberry’s ex Apryl Jones. Despite the claims, Grandberry didn’t really publicly address the situation until now.

In an interview with TMZ on July 11, Grandberry shared some revelations about the men’s ongoing feud while promoting his documentary “Omega: The Gift and The Curse.” The documentary will feature a behind-the-scenes look at what transpired between the men in the 2019 tour.

During the interview, Grandberry disclosed that he’s speaking out because he wants to share his side of the events to give his fans context of what happened.

He said, “This is a great opportunity for me to just give my public and my fans, everyone that is watching even context to the “Vezuz,” everything that has happened thus far I’ve never spoken on. This docu really encapsulates my truth and my perspective.”

Further into the discussion, Grandberry also opened up about why he feels his group members have had animosity toward him during the early stages of their careers.

He said, “I would also like to say even in just about our journey, starting so young as kids a lot of people are responsible for our relationship at this current moment in time. Me being the last member to come into the group and them already having some kind of synergy it always has feel within the scope of my career that I never had their support which I don’t think came from them.”

The father of two then claimed the group’s friction came from the elders that were meant to be supporting them. “It actually came from elders and people that were meant to be supporting us at the time. So this doc really show exactly some of the things that has happened; you know what I mean, through our journey.”

As the clip circulated online, fans were torn by Grandberry’s perspective. Some expressed that they believed the singer about elders causing the group’s friction. At the same time, others called him out for not holding himself accountable for his part in the feud.

“We knew this already tho.. I pray real healing for them all they weren’t protected as children and it shows in their adulthood.”

“Not gone lie I believe Omarion!!! I can definitely see it.”

“I think he’s being honest here.  Most groups don’t last at all. If not for internal reasons within the group. It’s the managers of the group, that tears them apart.”

“You say a lot of people but not one time take accountability for the role you play.”

“He gaslights and plays victim so freaking good.”

“First @omarion take a deep & close look in the mirror and come to terms with Who You Are as a person. Start here and take some accountability (even if you feel you’ve done nothing wrong), still take accountability & stop deflecting.”

“Omega: The Gift and The Curse” is set to premiere on July 21.

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