‘So She Filmed Him In the Boots and Panties?’: Photo of Raz B Kissing a Woman Has Fans Bringing Up His Cringy Dance Video

Raz B seemingly has popped out with a new girlfriend this week and fans are wondering where she was when he decided to upload a cringy dance video last week. 

The former B2K boy band member pulled a post-and-delete after sharing a photo of him holding up a mystery woman as they locked lips. It shows him holding her in the air while they kiss in front of a neon sign that reads, “I fell in love.”

Though their faces were semi-covered by their shades, the alleged couple appeared to look rather smitten with each other. 

Raz B’s post was obtained and re-posted on The Shade Room’s Instagram page before it was wiped from his social media account.

Although there were a few comments celebrating this new pairing, the majority of commenters wondered how Raz managed to secure a significant other after showing such questionable antics

“I wonder if she saw the video he posted the other day.” 

“So your woman just allowed you to be on live in your panties and yellow foam boots! She didn’t say hey babe let’s not do this and throw your phone out the window! Oh ok.”

“He still in a relationship after that video. She’s for him then.”

“So she filmed him in the Boots and panties?” 

“After that video he posted i’m skeptical.” 

On Sept. 8, the “Bad Boys Texas” cast member left fans scratching their heads after he shared a video of himself dancing to “Strokey Doke” by Shaza Connor and H-Town. Though Raz B’s silly choreographic routine caused a lot of confusion, it was his chosen ensemble that made social media users question why.

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In the video, Raz can be seen wearing nothing but black briefs, large moon boots, a “Make America Great Again” hat, dark shades and a silver glove. It showed him rolling his stomach and repeatedly thrusting his groin toward the camera. 

During his dance break, Raz paid tribute to the late Michael Jackson by achieving his notable crotch grab and high kick. It was later learned that the “Why I Love You” vocalist’s video was simply to bring attention to his current song “Birthday Thong,” which was released on Friday, Sept. 8.  

It can also be speculated that his boo’d-up photo was a ploy created to get people talking online. If that is the case, then Raz can pat himself on the back for getting folks on the internet invested in his love life.

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