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‘She’s a Little Fashionista’: Fans Fawn Over Zhuri James’ Fashion Sense as She Shows Off Her Outfit

LeBron James may be the most notable star of his family, but his daughter Zhuri James is poised to one day take over the spotlight. 

While Zhuri is the youngest of the crew, she is certainly not the least adored. The 7-year-old has quite the presence on social media, and when she makes appearances on LeBron’s or her mother Savannah James’ social pages, she quickly becomes the apple of everyone’s eye. The latest glimpse into the budding superstar’s life came on behalf of her mother.

She?s a Little Fashionista': Fans Fawn Over Zhuri James' Fashion Sense as She Shows Off Her Outfit
Zhuri James Photo: Mrs_savannahrj/Instagram

On Aug. 15, Savannah made her daughter the center of attention by allowing Zhuri to show off her outfit of the day. In the video posted in an Instagram Story, Savannah revealed the youngster put together the entire look all on her own.

The budding fashionista started by showing off her shoes, which were a pair of Nike sneakers in a blue, orange and green colorway, a pair of black shorts, and an orange pullover that was paired with a pale orange tank top. Her hair was styled in two braided pigtails that came tougher to make one long braided ponytail. All the while, Savannah gassed her daughter by saying, “Okay, that’s cute!,” “All right, let me see the hair,” and “Oooh, all right. And you did that yourself? Cute, girl.”

Fans matched the energy of the James family matriarch by doling out compliments for the child too. “She is sooo adorable my goodness!!” wrote one person. “I adore her. James clan is raising a beautiful young lady,” wrote another person. “She’s a little fashionista with her beautiful self. GO GIRL,” and “The star of the James family,” wrote two others.  

A post about the elementary student would not be complete without a few mentions about the striking resemblance shared between Savannah and her Mini Me. “She’s so cute! Savannah’s twin!” wrote an adoring social media user. Zhuri is Savannah and LeBron’s only daughter. The couple is also parents to rising basketball stars LeBron “Bronny” James and Bryce Maximus James.

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