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‘Lil Mama Snapped’: LeBron James’ Daughter Zhuri Steals the Show During a Family TikTok Video

Instead of going crazy while holed up at home avoiding ‘the Rona,’ LeBron James and his family are making the most of their time together by recording TikTok videos, seemingly just like everyone else on social.

The three-time NBA championship winner enlisted his wife Savannah, sons Bronny and Bryce and his little princess Zhuri James to hit a quick move to rapper Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign’s 2017 track “Something New.”

Zhuri James steals the show during a family TikTok video. (Photo: @kingjames/Instagram)

Although there is a constant buzz surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers forward, as usual, when his daughter is on the scene she becomes the real star.

At only 5 years old, the youngest member of the “James Gang” has swiped her dad’s following that can’t seem to get enough of her and big personality.

“Zhuri is a legend😂” and “Baby Z is the GOAT” read a couple of comments from those who watched the littlest James close out the TikTok with a big jump and hand clap.

“By far my favorite ‘James Gang’ member lol❤️”

“Zhuri is always the star haha” and “Z is the best one” rounded out some of the comments about the “All Things Zhuri” YouTube sensation.

Others simply swooned over how much of a close-knit family the gang appears to be.

“Love how y’all kick it as a family”

“This is a family family right her”

The family of five previously did the “Can’t Touch This” remix TikTok dance where, again, Zhuri stole the show with her high energy and many amusing facial expressions.

LeBron James and his family hit their best “Can’t Touch This” remix dance moves for TikTok. (Photo: @kingjames/Instagram)

“Zhuri high key KILLED that 🔥”

“Zhuri on point with the jump at the end 😂❤️ This g”

“Lil mamaaa snapped”

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