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‘Vivica Been Giving Game’: Vivica A. Fox Pleads with People to Stop ‘Playing with Marriage’ While Discussing Ne-Yo Alleged Infidelity

Vivica A. Fox has had enough of people “playing with marriage.” 

In the newest episode of “Cocktails with Queens,” which stars Vivica A. Fox, Claudia Jordan, Lisa Raye and Syleena Johnson, the ladies discussed recent events involving singer Ne-Yo and his wife of eight years, Crystal Smith who alleged Ne-Yo’s infidelity with multiple women whom “sell their bodies to him.”

Vivica Been Giving Game': Vivica A. Fox Pleads with People to Stop 'Playing with Marriage' While Discussing Ne-Yo Alleged Infidelity
Vivica A. Fox (left), Crystal Smith (right). (Photos: @msfox/Instagram, @itscrystalsmith/Instagram)

A disheartened Vivica expressed her disappointment in the “new generation” and how easily they choose to invite the public in on personal situations. 

“Y’all gotta realize that when you take vows and you stand before a man of God, or a woman of God, respect those. Then to mess up the marriage and say ‘respect our privacy’ — I’m very disappointed.”

She continued, “Y’all have children, so going and running to social media — I’m disappointed at that.” 

Continuing the conversation, Syleena Johnson took time to explain why she felt as though Crystal Smith went on social media and blasted her husband. 

“I do feel she was embarrassed so she had to go to social media where he just got finished doing long red dresses and long red limousines and all this stuff and long posts about how she’s the love of his life.” 

Syleena further suggested, “You don’t know when those prostitutes or whoever he was cheating with are going to take the internet themselves and say something first.” 

Although Vivica disagreed with how Crystal chose to speak out about the situation, she shared her sympathy and offered words of encouragement. 

“You deserve better, sweetheart,” The actress started off. 

As she spoke to the camera, 56-year-old Vivica insisted Crystal receives some form of counseling for all of the trauma she has been put through, so she can find Mr. Right once she heals. 

“Go get counseling for yourself, young lady, so that you’ll know you deserve a man to treat you like a queen,” Vivica continued. “That’s what you deserve. Stop staying for the fame or the Instagram posts. You deserve a man to love you for you so that when you lay down in the bed next to him you don’t feel that he’s going to bring you a disease or cheat on you and your children.” 

Reiterating her first point, Vivicated repeated herself, “You deserve better.” 

Vivica’s message reached public sites where many fans applauded her

“This, that and the third! Ms. Fox always coming with the facts.”

“Vivica been giving game! This is facts.”

“Auntie Vivica with the solid word!”

Crystal Smith has yet to respond back to Vivica’s advice. 

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