‘It Was 50’: Vivica A. Fox Admits the Craziest Thing She Did for Love Was Hit a Man for ‘Acting Funny,’ Fans Claim It Was 50 Cent 

The never-ending saga of Vivica A. Fox and her former relationship with Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson appeared to surface once again when fans claimed that Fox could have physically assaulted the mogul for stepping out.

This comes after Fox divulged during an episode of “Cocktails with Queens” that she hit a man she was in a relationship with; it was part of her sharing a story of the craziest thing she’s done for love. The topic came up when City Girls group member Yung Miami recently talked about her experience in a podcast.

?It Was 50?: Vivica A. Fox Admits the Craziest Thing She Did for Love Was Hit a Man for ?Acting Funny,? Fans Claim It Was 50 Cent?
Vivica A. Fox reveals one of her past toxic traits while in a relationship was swinging on a man after she caught him dancing with another woman. Photo:foxsoul/YouTube

On June 14, Fox recalled the time she “stole” on an unidentified man she was dating after she caught him dancing with another woman. The term stole means to punch or attack an individual without warning.

She said on mark 24:05, “I think the craziest thing that I’ve ever done was I had a feeling that this guy that I was dating at the time was acting funny at the time. He was like ‘hey, you know let’s meet out da da da da.’ And he was dancing with a girl like right next to me and next thing I know I stole on him.”

Following Fox’s admission, her co-host LisaRaye McCoy jumped in and called out the 57-year-old for allegedly calling her crazy when sharing her story. Fox responded, “I did not call you crazy LisaRaye, I laughed. I get it, you know me and you got them tempers that go from 0 to 100 real quick. Real quick.”

Later in the conversation, Fox revealed that her friend had to remove her from the unidentified location because the star wasn’t entirely present. She said, “Afterwards, my friend grabbed me and she said that ‘I was gone.’ She said ‘you weren’t even there.’ She like ‘what are you doing? You can’t be doing that.’ I’m just glad to be honest with you, it was a stupid thing to do at the time.”

Toward the end of the conversation, Fox shared she was fortunate that the incident didn’t escalate any further than her hitting the unnamed man. Fox wrapped up her story by saying that the experience taught her to leave relationships when she sees potential suitors not acting accordingly.

Although Fox never disclosed the timeline of when this event occurred or the name of the individual, many immediately assumed it involved her ex 50 Cent. One individual went as far as to suggest that the incident sounds like something he would do.

“It was 50.”

“@50cent why you do her like dat.”

“Damn she stole 50 smh.”

“50 damaged her for life.”

“50 petty like that.”

Fox and 50 Cent dated in 2003, and would ultimately split that same year. Following their breakup, the pair would have a public years’-long feud.

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