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‘It Just Hit Me Like a Ton of Bricks’: Vivica A. Fox and Kenya Moore Open Up About Putting an End to Their Feud

Vivica A. Fox and Kenya Moore have finally buried the hatchet. 

For nearly a decade, the two women have been engulfed in an ongoing feud. Fox and Moore both competed on “Celebrity Apprentice” in 2014, where they went blow for blow during multiple boardroom sessions. But the “Independence Day” actress and reality TV star recently revealed that they privately reached a turning point.

Vivica A. Fox (L) and Kenya Moore (R) Photo: Msvfox/Instagram, Kenya/Instagram

“After years of throwing jabs at each other, being mean to one another, it was so nice to run into you at Crustacean in Beverly Hills,” Fox began while speaking with the reality star from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” on “Cocktails With Queens.” Fox continued, “You know Kenya, I’m going to tell you one of the main reasons I was like I am ready to move past this is because I saw you become a mother, and I saw the smile, and a little bit of something different in you. And I was like, you know what it is so time for us to move on, and we just literally walked to one another in the middle of the restaurant and talked. It was that simple.”

Just two years ago Fox lamented that Moore would likely remain a rival. “F—k that b—h. Nope, nope, nope. That one ain’t never going away,” said the actress while speaking with her “Cocktails With Queens” hosts. “Some people you don’t like no more. She’s at the top of that list. I’m sorry to my fans, because we’re all about sisterhood, but Claudia [Jordan], I don’t like her.”

Jordan is a mutual friend of both women. During the July 25 taping of the popular Fox Soul show, Jordan said she attempted to help facilitate a reconciliation between her friends for years. However, in the end it was up to Fox and Moore to find peace among themselves.

Adding context to how things went so left on “Celebrity Apprentice,” Moore said going into taping she viewed Fox as an ally. Instead, Moore expressed that the show’s producers fueled tensions that she was unable to diffuse. “Every move that was happening, I can see how the producers were manipulating the situation. And what I thought was like trying to warn you about stuff it just kept turning and turning,” said Moore.

The “RHOA” star shared that she finally reached out to Fox to apologize for her part in their fallout when she realized her actions had caused pain for the actress. “It just hit me like a ton of bricks because you had never used that language before,” said Moore. “You are somebody, — and I would say this to the world, I’ve said it to Claudia — I have always respected you, I have always respected your illustrious career, you are talented, you are beautiful, you are intelligent, you are a girl’s girl, and you don’t take any mess on top of all that,” she continued.

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