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‘Y’all Came a Long Way’: Fans Praise Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams’ Friendship After the Singer Posted a Birthday Shoutout for Her Former Cast Mate

It looks as if Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams moved forward from their past drama and fractured friendship. The former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast mates had fans shook after the “Xscape” singer posted up two photos of herself and Porsha as she shouted her out for her 41st birthday. 

Kandi captioned the picture, “Happy Birthday @porsha4real!!! This year is gonna be a life changing year for you. Enjoy it and all the happiness that comes with it!” she continued, “Everybody give Porsha some bday love!”

Y'all Came a Long Way': Fans Praise Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams' Friendship After the Singer Posted a Birthday Shoutout for Her Former Cast Mate
(Left to right in both photos) Kandi Burruss, Porsha Williams. (Photos: @Kandi/Instagram )

Porsha even commented under the post and thanked the singer. She said, “Thank you chica!! Listen I receive all that word honey. Love ya [kiss emoji].” 

The businesswoman didn’t stop there, she went back under Kandi’s post a day later and added, “Awe wait I just remembered these pics from our commercial that time [heart eyes] I actually have these printed like old school right on my nightstand.”  

Fans were glad to see the two ladies showing love to each other. One said, “Aww.. So lovely to see you both bosses in a good place. Love it! #Sisterhood. Love, kindness, and forgiveness conquer all.” 

Another fan of the two wrote, “Y’all came a long way!” Followed by another comment that said, “I’m so happy you guys are talking again [red hearts].”

The pair had their fair share of disagreements when they were both on the show. However, it wasn’t until a false rumor in season 9 — started by former cast member Phaedra Parks — spread which alleged that Kandi and her husband Todd wanted to drug Porsha and take advantage of her that caused their friendship to shatter.

Though the friendship seemed irreparable, the two buried the hatchet and made peace and had even gotten closer during the show’s 13th season. At the reunion in 2021, Kandi stated, “I guess this year it just seemed like you know it was headed in a much better direction. We were having a lot more fun together.” 

Porsha also said, “Even when Kandi and I have issues outside of the group, we’ll talk about over text and deal with it and leave it there.” 

Kandi and Porsha definitely had a rocky start, but the two now have a friendship that they both seem to care about and cherish.

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