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‘Kandi Just Doesn’t Like Porsha’: ‘RHOA’ Fans Blast Kandi Burruss for Mentioning Past Beef with Porsha When Discussing Their Current Status

Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans bashed Kandi Burruss on April 22 after Burruss claimed in a new interview on the “Access Hollywood” “Housewives Nightcap” that her friendship with Porsha Williams was at a standstill stemming from the past “drug and rape” allegations from 2017.

The rumors began in season 9 of “RHOA” after Phaedra Parks told Williams that Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker had a plan to drug and have sex with the “Dish Nation” co-host in their alleged sex dungeon. Burruss later denied the allegations, and Parks was ultimately fired. 

Kandi Burruss discusses her current status ofvher friendship with Porsha Williams and why past allegations keeps them in a “weird” dynamic. (Photo: Access Hollywood /YouTube screenshot)

Burruss — who was promoting the upcoming season 13 reunion of “RHOA,” airing this weekend — revealed at mark 9:36 her current status with Willams. “I feel like it’s a constant we’re cool, then we go into this place of weirdness sometimes and then go back to we’re cool, I guess.”

She continued, “Honestly, I feel like we had a lot to disrupt our friendship. And for me, I can’t speak for her, it was a lot to get past. Now that we have gotten, for the most part, past the things from the past, let’s just say we are a work in progress. And I feel like we both have put effort and tried to mend the fence and move forward. I don’t know if the trust is going to ever be the same or anything like that.”

Burruss also quickly mentioned that she half expects that she and Williams will wind up talking about the years-old allegation at the reunion after Bravo teased a scene of Marlo Hampton bringing up the season 9 controversy when trying to condemn Williams for an alleged tryst with a stripper during Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party in South Carolina. 

“Because of the things of the past, I think there’s always triggers. If you bring up season 9 to me, I’m always triggered, OK. So they play those flashbacks videos, you got Marlo bringing the stuff up from the past, so I’m triggered. So it’s not necessarily, that it was something that happened in that moment that triggered me. But when you start bringing up stuff in the past, I start thinking, ‘Yeah, I don’t like what you did.’”

The Xscape singer added hat although she’s moved past the allegations, she feels a certain way about it when it’s constantly a topic of conversation. She closed out the segment by saying, “There’s never going to be a time where I don’t have a negative feeling towards what happened.” 

Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams. (Photos: @kandi/Instagram, @porsha4real/Instagram)

Many people expressed the idea that Burruss is using the old controversy as an excuse to not like Williams.

“Kandi always creating unnecessary tension.”

“Kandi just doesn’t like Porsha.”

“Kandi not being able to move on has NOTHING to do with Porsha. But the cast tries to make it Porsha’s problem and it’s not. It’s Kandi’s problem 🤷🏾‍♀️.”

“And that means you haven’t forgiven the person if you keep dwelling on it. Kandi is admitting that she let’s the people around her influence her feelings and that’s corny.”

As many people called Burruss out for her remarks, others mentioned how the Xscape singer benefitted from the allegations by creating the sex dungeon shows “Welcome to the Dungeon Tour.”  

One wrote, “Kandi done made millions off that rumor and still can’t let it go.. 🙄.” 

An Instagram user said that Burruss needs to come up with another reason for why she can’t be friends with Williams aside from the allegations. “girl anyways come up with something else, like she hasn’t been profiting off of the dungeon sh-t ever since.”

Buruss announced the news about the show in 2018 by sharing a video on Instagram with “Basketball Wives” star Malaysia Pargo. The two women were in burlesque-inspired attire as the songstress appeared to spank Pargo on the thigh. 

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