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‘That Was 20 Years Ago…Let It Go’: Drew Sidora’s Sister/Manager Gets Slammed Online for Defending Sidora After the Reality Star Revealed She Dated LeBron James

Earlier this month, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Drew Sidora dropped a bomb on her castmates during a discussion about past relationships. In a clip from the episode that aired on Sunday, June 5, the reality star shared a story about “a certain King of the NBA” buying her a drink. The Bravo series bleeped out the baller’s name, but most of the cast knew Sidora was referring to Los Angeles Lakers player and billionaire LeBron James.

Fellow “RHOA” star Sanya Richards-Ross did the math on James and his wife, Savannah James, when she asked, “Hasn’t (bleep) and (bleep) been dating since high school?”

Drew Sidora, LeBron James
“RHOA” star Drew Sidora sparks rumors of a romance after revealing she dated LeBron James back in the day. (Photo: @drewsidora/Instagram, @kingjames/Instagram.)

LeBron and Savannah James married in 2013, and have been together for 20 years. Meanwhile, Sidora claims she dated LeBron “before he was married.”

“We went on a couple of dates, he flew me to his games. He would listen to my music before his games,” the 36-year-old continued. “All those games he was winning, it was off of my music. I’m just saying.”

Afterward, LeBron seemingly responded to the rumors with a loving tribute post to his wife of nearly nine years for “holding this s–t down from the very first jump ball!”

Now, Sidora’s older sister and manager, Allison Jordan, is speaking up to defend the rumors and remarks about her sister dating LeBron.

“So if you guys know how to fact-check. Drew met LeBron James around 2002 or 2003,” Jordan said in the video captured by The Shade Room. “Yes they were talking. Matter fact Drew and I stayed in a hotel. People called me and my sister, ‘Two Girls Against the World.’ Why? Because we were always together. So Hey Lebron!”

She continued, “They dated. They talked on the phone day and night. We went to games. We went to dinners. We weren’t sneaking through back alley ways…going through dark tunnels.”

She also claims to “know and hung out” with the NBA star’s uncle, Randy, adding that she’s always known LeBron as a “cool guy, wonderful person.”

“Him and Drew liked each other. They were cool. Do the math. Google 2003 Drew Sidora and LeBron James. Google it. He got married to his wife, from what I understand, his beautiful wife in 2013.”

She acknowledged comments she saw from other Black women stating “the most ignorant, disrespectful, degrading stuff.” She also shut down rumors that Sidora and LeBron had an affair.”

“We don’t sleep with other people’s husbands,” said Jordan after explaining that her father was a pediatrician and her mother was a pastor. “We just don’t. At all. So at the end of the day, I need you guys to focus on what’s really real.”

Jordan broke down Sidora’s acting resume, including roles in “The Game,” “That’s So Raven,” as T-Boz in VH1’s TLC biopic, “CrazySexyCool,” and in 2006’s “Step Up,” which features Sidora’s gold track, “Juke It,” on the soundtrack.

“We’re legitimate people and we don’t need to clout chase or brag about anybody on the show. She just simply said she dated a basketball player. She never said his name,” she clarified.

Most fans in the comments section of The Shade Room’s post still accused Sidora and her sister Jordan of clout chasing. Others called out Sidora for revealing her dating history as a now-married woman and mother of two. One person said, “Even if they did talk…That was 20 years ago…let it go.” Another wrote, “Bringing up a 2003 fling when nobody asked you is weird to me.” Here’s what others had to say.

“Speaking on a rumor that wasn’t rumoring…has gotta be a form of clout.”

“So thirsty for clout.”

“Clout-chasing from something from 2003 is crazy.”

“It would have been easier to just not mention a married man then this messy pr clean up but ok.”

“Why she mad at us? She said it.”

A handful of LeBron James fans called Sidora “messy boots” for revealing their past, including one who said, “That man is married with grown kids. We don’t need this messy boots.” Some were confused by Jordan bringing up LeBron’s high school sweetheart and the mother of his three kids.

“Leave SAVANNAH ALONE! Stop speaking on that man’s wife name…that’s the disrespectful part. Bye,” wrote one person.

Another said, “This is giving Drew Side…Derwin and Girl Melanie vibes and I ain’t like It then. I damn sho don’t like it now! Drew leave my cousins alone to be happily married! Don’t speak in the James.’”

On the hit series “The Game,” Sidora played herself, a rising singer who knowingly began an affair with Pooch Hall’s character Derwin Davis. Her character led to the breakup of Davis and Tia Mowry‘s character Melanie Barnett in season one.

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