‘You Would be Livid’: ‘RHOA’ Fans Slam Kenya Moore and Side with Drew Sidora Over Tweet About the ‘Step Up’ Actress’ Son

Kenya Moore defended her retweet about her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Drew Sidora‘s son on April 26, following the heated dispute between the two women that aired the night before during the season 13 reunion special of “RHOA.” The women were arguing over an initial tweet that was posted over a month ago. The tweet read, “This conversation with Drew’s son is so cringy…let that baby go play Minecraft or something. #RHOA.”

In the post, the 50-year-old uploaded the initial tweet she shared on her page during the March 21 episode. The particular episode showcased the “Step Up” actress and her husband Ralph Pittman Jr. asking her son Josiah Jordan, 10, if he would like to meet and spend time with his biological father, who at the time was recently released from incarceration.

Drew Sidora (left), Kenya Moore (right). (Photo: @drewsidora/Instagram, @thekenyamoore/Instagram)

Moore wrote while suggesting Sidora was trying to start a fake beef with her during the reunion, “Here is the tweet I liked. I actually felt bad for her son seeing how uncomfortable he was and viewers felt the same way. It’s my opinion as a mother and she asked. I never said anything bad about her son. Don’t drag me into it to have a fake beef with me.”

During the reunion special, Sidora asked Moore about the tweet while opening up about her past struggles as a single parent and why she wanted to use that to influence those going through the same thing. She said, “I wanted to ask Kenya why did you retweet the tweet that was talking about my son being cringey?”

Moore responded, “It made me uncomfortable if I’m going to be honest. I thought it was a family thing that maybe could have been more in private.”

Sidora then told the Kenya Moore Hair Care creator that because of her celebrity status her response to the scene was “irresponsible” even if the conversation appeared “cringey.”

“As a woman on your platform I feel like it was really irresponsible for you to retweet that in a way because it was something that was so sensitive to our family. In regards to my son, I felt it was below the belt.” Moore offered an apology as the actress continued to speak her piece.

The conversation took a turn for the worse when Sidora mentioned how she has never spoken ill about Moore’s daughter Brooklyn Daly and continued by claiming that she was “disappointed” that the former beauty queen would even retweet that comment. Moore then brought up the many times Sidora had cracked jokes about her estranged husband Marc Daly.

Sidora ended the conversation by telling Moore that she would never forgive her.

“I will never forgive for that, understand me. Right now, today at this moment. I will never forgive you for that. I can’t believe you would do something like that. “

Despite Moore’s explanation and the fact that the tweet clearly referred to the scene with the boy as cringey, not the boy himself, a handful of people who sided with Sidora felt Moore “opened the door” for other people to spew negative comments about the situation and claimed that if the roles had been reversed the model would be out for blood.

“You so fake and phony. If anyone did this with your offspring you’d be spiraling LOL.”

“I think the point everyone is trying to make Kenya do not do to others what you don’t want done to you! So if you give it you have to take it. If someone retweeted this about you and Brooklyn you would be livid.”

“So if someone liked this tweet in regards to a scene you were shooting with your child you would be ok with it? Stop, you would be coming for their head.”

“You were wrong then and you are wrong now, you opened the door for people to not only speak ill on her, but her child and hers child’s situation, you have been on this show long enough to know how ruthless and disgusting these people can be and you opened up that door.”

Sidora and Moore’s beef began last year after Moore compared the “White Chicks” actress to a stray animal following her debut on “RHOA.” The women initially met at a wine tasting at Cynthia Bailey’s home and during a confessional, Moore stated how “underwhelmed” she was at meeting Sidora. 

“Oh, Cynthia, where do you get all of these strays from, honey? I mean what do you do? Do you just visit the local pound?” 

After Moore’s remarks were aired on television in December 2020, Sidora then clapped back by bringing up Moore’s strained marriage to Marc Daly. She wrote on Instagram, “The definition of stray: not in the right place; separated from a target. My family is all together under the roof. Girl, you good? #rhoa.” 

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