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‘LeBron Really Bagged the Baddest One Out’: Savannah James Caused a Commotion on Social Media After Revealing Her New Look

Savannah James‘ beauty became the topic of conversation on Feb. 1 after the 35-year-old debuted a new look.

In the Instagram post, Savannah, who is seen posing for the camera, wore a black cut-out dress donned with a yellow jacket. As for hair and makeup, the mother of three decided to keep it subtle as she rocked her slicked-back light tresses with a full face and a glossy lip.

LeBron James’ wife Savannah James lefts fans stunned by her beauty. @mrs.savannahhrj/Instagram

Savannah completed the entire look with several accessories, including hooped earrings, gold rings, and matching necklaces. In addition to the image, Savannah sent a message to her husband LeBron James in the caption. 

She wrote, “Wassup baby, take me out to dinner… #DateNightVibes.” Immediately following Savannah’s upload, the Los Angeles Lakers forward, who appeared to be stunned by his wife’s appearance, replied, “AYO!!!! But you know what SAY LESS let’s ride!!”

LeBron James compliments Savannah James’ looks immediately following her fashion post. @mrs_savannahrj/Instagram

As Savannah’s post circulated on social media, fans praised LeBron for landing a beautiful woman. LeBron and Savannah — who began dating in high school — have been married since 2013.

“Whew such a beautiful black woman LeBron is blessed period.”

“She’s sooo BEAUTIFUL!! LeBron struck gold with this one.”

“LeBron Won in Life.”

“LeBron really bagged the baddest one out. A queen.”

“That man got him a QUEEN!!!”

Among the LeBron remarks, others mentioned how Savannah’s image resembled a painting. One wrote, “REPLACE THE MONA LISA NOWWWWW!” Another said, “Dang, I thought this was a painting! Girl, you look so good!”

This isn’t the first Savannah broke the internet with her looks. In January, she caused a frenzy on social media after uploading a short clip in a black dress suit and strapped high heels along with her ginger-colored locks.

She captioned the recording, “Real G’s move in silence like lasagna. That’s all I could think of for a caption, but (shoulder shrug emoji).”

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