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‘That Man is Married with 3 Kids Now!’: Drew Sidora Hints That She Used to Date This NBA ‘King’ But Fans Don’t Believe Her 

Fans of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Drew Sidora had questions after the actress hinted she used to date a famous NBA star. Sidora spoke on her past dating life during a Sunday’s episode shared by The Peach Report Daily on Instagram.

The post was captioned, “Check out this SNEAK PEEK from this Sunday’s all-new Atlanta! Drew talks about someone famous she used to date. [peach emoji] #RHOA.”

Drew Sidora "The Real Housewives of Atlanta"
Drew Sidora (L) Ralph Pittman (C) and Sanya Richards-Ross (R) in a clip of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” on Instagram (Photo: @thepeachreportdaily/Instagram)

The sneak peek included the cast and their husbands having dinner when Kenya Moore asked the table who was the most famous person to ever hit on them. Kandi Burruss revealed that she’d had a past relationship with Gerald Levert. The Xscape singer also revealed that the duo recorded a song together that has never been released. Burruss then directed the question to Sidora.

When it was Sidora’s turn to answer the question, she claimed that a certain “King of the NBA” once bought her a drink. She also claimed the baller liked her music, which confused her castmates.

“I was on Melrose and we were at a restaurant, and a certain King of the NBA sent me over a drink,” she said. While the show bleeped out his name, it didn’t take fans’ anytime to put two and two together. After Marlo Hampton asked if it was before he was married, Sidora replied that it was.

“No, this was before he was married,” she confirmed. “We went on a couple of dates, he flew me to his games, and he would listen to my music before his games. All them games he was winning was because of my music,” she claimed. Moore interrupted Sidora when she said James flew her to his games. “He flew you out?”

?That Man is Married with 3 Kids Now!': Drew Sidora Hints That She Used to Date This NBA 'King' But Fans Don't Believe Her?
Kenya Moore reacts to Drew Sidora’s story about dating LeBron James on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” (Photo: @thepeachreportdaily/Instagram)

Sidora is featured on the “Step Up” soundtrack” and also recorded a track in 2010, called “Juke It.”

A clip of Hampton in her confessional revealed some shade as the “RHOA” star questioned Sidora’s claims about James and her music. “What music did she have? Does she have music?” Moore also had reservations about Sidora’s comments. “Child, you were talking about LaQuan. I just heard it wrong.”

Fans had serious reservations about Sidora’s story as well and replied in the comments section.

“Drew, Lebron was listening to what songs??? Tell us… QUICKLY,” asked one fan.

“One thing about Drew she gonna lie,” quipped another fan, which prompted another to defend the “RHOA” star, sort of. “I don’t think Drew is lying. I just think she could have kept that to herself.”

“Kenya with the ‘He flew’D you out?!’ Is me asf with my friends when I think they’re lying [laughing-crying emojis].”

“That man is married with 3 kids now,” noted another fan. “A little disrespectful to be talking about what he did for you before then.”

One fan wanted receipts from Sidora. “I’m sorry but I’mma need receipts on drew because sis do be lying sometimes.”

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