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‘I Didn’t Want Shawty Broken, I Just Didn’t Want You Around Me No More’: DaBaby Responds to DaniLeigh’s Comments About Their ‘Toxic’ Relationship

DaniLeigh has the internet buzzing after dropping a new single about her ex-boyfriend, DaBaby, with whom she shares an 8-month-old daughter. The two were in an on-again, off-again relationship that lasted from 2019 to 2021 and ended with a publicized fight on Instagram. In the chorus of “Dead to Me,” DaniLeigh sings, “You know you dead to me…I ain’t got no more time for toxic energy.”

The “Easy” singer opened up about their relationship and motherhood during an in-depth interview with Angie Martinez. Millions around the world watched as DaBaby and DaniLeigh engaged in a heated argument on Instagram Live, where DaBaby dubbed her his “certified side-chick.”. The new mom said it was a “very bad time” in her life and expressed anxiety about her daughter seeing the footage in the future.

DaniLeigh opens up about her “toxic” relationship with DaBaby in new interview. Photo: @iamdanileigh/Instagram.

“It was very triggering, very sad. I wish it didn’t happen because I don’t want my baby to see that later on in life. But she’ll grow to be her own person and to be able to take things in.”

The R&B vocalist said it was “intriguing” dating DaBaby when they were both at the peak of their careers. “It was toxic. We had our really good times,” she said.

“It was good and then of course he had his little mess-ups and study so we’d break up for a month and get back together. We broke up a lot,” she explained. “There was a lot of on and offs going on, but definitely during that time I definitely wasn’t his side-piece and he knows that too.”

The 27-year-old believes DaBaby called her a “side-chick” during their public fight “out of anger,” in order to make her look bad. She called their fight “very selfish,” and said the Charlotte rapper has yet to apologize.

She said it’s been “a challenge” maintaining a relationship with her ex but she’s working through it for their daughter.

“I live life without regrets as well, but if there’s something I could take back or do different it would be that…I would say that,” she continued. “It shows accountability. That’s maturity. Take away everything else, it’s like we have a kid together.”

After the interview aired on YouTube, DaniLeigh received an outpouring of love and support from social media fans. On Hollywood Unlocked’s Instagram page, commentators showered her with words of encouragement after leaving a “toxic” relationship without the apology she’s deserved.

“Glad she’s moving on.”

“You can hear the hurt in her voice. She’s definitely not a victim but happy they both went their separate ways.”

“He’s wrong for not apologizing smh .. Sometimes you just gotta keep going without an apology tho. Proud of her for putting her pain Into her music.”

“Ladies, just be careful when you’re at the peak of your career… Period.”

“I watched the clip til the end and I see growth in her but I’m gonna have to watch the full interview.”

DaniLeigh and DaBaby. Photo: @danileigh/Instagram

In November 2021, DaniLeigh and DaBaby had a heated exchange on Instagram Live as she was nursing their then-3-month-old daughter. The argument took place at DaBaby’s condo in Charlotte, North Carolina, and ended with DaniLeigh being charged with two counts of simple assault. In now-deleted video footage, DaBaby claimed he called the police after she “beat on and yelled at” him. However, the “Yellow Bone” singer said the argument came out of “nowhere,” alleging the father of three was upset she “had a plan B sent to his condo.”

At the time, DaniLeigh claimed they had been living together since she gave birth to their daughter three months prior. However, the “Suge” rapper stated, “Me and DaniLeigh are not together” during the video, adding that she came to visit him a week ago.

DaBaby caught wind of DaniLeigh’s interview and responded in a lengthy Instagram video, captured by The Shade Room. He said he told her to “capitalize off of the situation” back in December, and admitted he didn’t agree with her label dropping the interview and “Dead to Me” on the same day.

According to DaBaby, the two recently spent a week together in London, the same week he attacked DaniLeigh’s brother, Brandon Bills, at a bowling alley in February. He made other claims that DaniLeigh was “stalking my other baby mama” and affecting his relationships with his other children.

“That’s why I had to make those adjustments back in November,” he continued in another clip. “I’m grown. I’m an adult. I don’t have to coexist with nobody who too toxic for me, who don’t serve me well. I owe the world no explanation for that.”

The “Blame It On Baby” rapper added, “I didn’t want shawty broken, I just didn’t want you around me no more.”

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