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DaniLeigh Charged with Two Counts of Simple Assault Following Recorded Argument with DaBaby

Following an argument that was documented on Instagram Live from Sunday night into Monday morning, DaniLeigh has not only left rapper DaBaby, but she’s also been hit with two counts of simple assault.

The “Easy” singer and the father of her child both recorded several moments of their argument on Instagram Live, and now-deleted statements with DaBaby claiming he was recording for his “protection” after being “beat on and yelled at” as he claimed in a post. DaniLeigh, on the other hand, claims the argument started out of “nowhere,” and in her statement said he became upset after she “had a plan B sent to his condo.” DaBaby also called the police to his condo.

DaniLeigh and DaBaby. (Photos: @danileigh/Instagram, @dababy/Instagram)

According to a document posted on Twitter by a reporter from Charlotte TV station WSOC, DaniLeigh “was served with a Criminal Summons for Simple Assault.” Later on, after officers received more information, she was charged “with a second count of simple assault.”

During the argument, DaniLeigh claimed that she and he were living together for three months since she gave birth to their daughter. The father of three claimed that they were “never together” and even dubbed her “a certified side chick.” DaniLeigh began posting intimate clips and photos of herself and DaBaby, who was born Jonathan Kirk, together over the past two years.

DaBaby continued making posts and videos, one of them being of his 3-month-old daughter with DaniLeigh. Prior to posting a video of her during the argument, neither one of them had posted her face on social media yet. “Sad … that’s how y’all had to see my baby for the first time… evil ass man,” DaniLeigh wrote on her Instagram story shortly after.

DaniLeigh eventually updated her fans and let them know that she and her child left the condo and that they were “safe.” She later explained why it took her so long to leave the premises for people who were following and watching their Lives.

The 26-year-old explained that she was in Charlotte, Dababy’s hometown, and that she has “no friends/family out there.” She also said she did not want to “expose” herself and her daughter in a city she’s unfamiliar with and that she was waiting for her assistant to arrive so they could catch a flight.

Danileigh and DaBaby have been involved on and off since 2019, according to DaniLeigh.

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