‘Stop Playing with That Man’: DaBaby Flexes After Apparent Trespasser Is Shot at His North Carolina Home 

DaBaby won’t be tolerating trespassers on his property. 

The rapper made headlines when reports of a shooting taking place at his North Carolina home began circulating on social media and several news outlets on April 14. It was soon confirmed that a person had been shot. DaBaby apparently was the one who pulled the trigger. 

DaBaby. Photo: @dababy/Instagram

According to Troutman Police, the alleged trespasser is male and suffered a gunshot wound to the leg. He is expected to make a full recovery. In audio released of the 911 call, a male can be heard telling the dispatcher the victim is “neutralized until you guys get here.”

The “Red Light Green Light” rapper seemingly confirmed the reports on social when he shared a clip from “Paid In Full” of rapper Camron saying “Ay n—s get shot everyday B, you’ll be aight n—a. You tough right?”

He accompanied the comical clip with a caption that read, “Chose not to take a n—a life the other day & it felt great. [thumbs up emoji] Buddy ain’t deserve to go, I step righteously. Heal up & live my boy! Just don’t bring ya a-s back.”

His fans poured into the comment section unfazed by his course of action. “Stop playing with that man,” and “That boy baby don’t be playing,” read a few comments. “You chose the right move! That’s a warning for him and anyone else who thinks trespassing on property wont amount to consequences.”

DaBaby is no stranger to altercations. In February he was sued by Brandon Bills, the brother of his singer former girlfriend DaniLeigh. The two men were involved in a brawl at a bowling alley in California’s San Fernando Valley. 

The incident occurred months after the rapper and DaniLeigh, whom he shares a daughter with, were involved in a heated dispute. 

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