‘I Only Have $2 and Nothing Else’: Wendy Williams Reveals Her Money Is Still Frozen, Says She Survives Because ‘People Give Me Money’

Wendy Williams spoke with rapper Fat Joe in an interview shared on Instagram on May 6 regarding her financial situation. The rapper was excited to talk to Williams after she was spotted attending an after-party for the Met Gala on May 2.

I Only Have  and Nothing Else': Wendy Williams Reveals Her Money Is Still Frozen, Says She Survives Because 'People Give Me Money'
NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 28: Wendy Williams and Ray J seen are walking in soho on June 28, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images)

The rapper asked Williams about rumors claiming she has Alzheimer’s and can’t access her money. The talk show host has been away from her show for health reasons since last October.

Williams said her money was frozen by her bank while she was in Miami and now she “only has $2 and nothing else.” Joe asked if people she trusted were behind the frozen funds and if they were going for a money grab. Williams said that “some people” were involved with her funds being frozen but did not elaborate further and changed the subject to a gift she received from the late comedian Joan Rivers.

She also asked if their conversation was private and the rapper told her that it was not and explained that he and Williams often chat privately.

After the rapper asked Williams if she left her show willingly, she responded that she just stopped getting paid. “So, did you take a break from the show, or did you agree to just leave?” asked Joe. “Uh, why did you just get up and leave, you know? Was it like a takeover?”

“No. Somebody stopped giving me my money,” replied Williams. “Somebody stopped giving me my American Express … I have no money.”

“How are you paying your bills, Wendy?” he asked.

Williams responded that “people” give her money for essentials. “Well, I know some people who give me money for things,” she said. “For essential things like, I want to go out to a restaurant or I want to come over to your place, you know, or I want to go over to, whoever. You know what I’m saying? Madonna, if I want Madonna to come over here. If I want anybody, you know what I’m saying?”

Williams also said she misses her show and is “absolutely” coming back. She added that she would not be watching “The Sherri Shepherd Show.”

Fans were concerned, and they replied in the comment section. One fan asked, “What the hell is happening!?? Wendy. Maybe she needs to stay out a little longer.”

“Omg I’m praying for her” replied one. “No matter what..it’s good seeing her. I pray she comes back 100%. Thanks, Fat Joe she was in a safe place.”

“Wendy, we love you & we’re rooting for your comeback,” wrote one. “Love you Wendy. Hang in there,” replied another fan.

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