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‘We Don’t Want No More Rappers’: Toya Johnson Offers Love Advice to Her Daughter Reginae Carter 

Last December, Reginae Carter confirmed she was single following her on-again, off-again relationship with rapper YFN Lucci. The pair began dating in 2018. 

Although it is unclear when or why Carter and Lucci officially called it quits, many can assume one of the reasons could stem from the rapper’s murder investigation and racketeering charges. 

Reginae Carter’s mom Toya Johnson offers dating advice to the star during a recent Instagram Live. Photo:@reginaecarter/Instagram

In fact, Carter’s mom, Toya Johnson would be happy to see her daughter not date any other rappers. On April 30 during an Instagram Live, Johnson, expressed the one thing she hopes her daughter never do again when she reenters the dating scene: bring home any more rappers.

The conversation came up after rapper Fredo Bang tried to shoot his shot by sliding in Carter’s DMs while she and Johnson were catching up on Instagram Live. The 23-year-old said at the 20:35 mark, “Boy… a rapper. Another rapper.”

Following Carter’s comment, Johnson quickly jumped in and shut down Bang’s attempted advances. “Rapper? No go away,” she said. “If you’re on this live and you’re a rapper and you think that she’s about to be with you, you’ve got to come see me first. And it’s going to be negative.”

Johnson added, “Fredo Bang, no, no, no. We don’t want no more rappers. That’s it, that’s enough. Don’t go sliding in my baby’s DMs, boy. Don’t do it ’cause I’m going to slide in his DMs soon as I get through this live… I rebuke it. No! We not doing it. Sis, abort the mission.”

Toward the end of the video, Johnson expressed the suitors she would want to see her daughter be with when she does decide to date. “First of all now that I see you becoming whole ’cause you know, you have to be whole before you become anybody’s half. Now that you are completely becoming whole and you are back to Reginae…You can date; just don’t date no rappers.”

The mother of two added, while mentioning Ciara’s husband Russell Wilson, “I could see you with like an actor or maybe like a football player or something. But like they got to be like the Russell type. Very respectable. I can see all that because you are a classy young lady.”

Johnson’s love advice to her daughter comes almost a week after the entrepreneur announced her official wedding date with her fiancé, Robert “Red” Rushing. 

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