‘Pray for Us’: Reginae Carter Reveals She Is ‘Single’ After Initially Supporting YFN Lucci Amidst His Legal Woes

These days it is becoming more difficult to tell which celebrity couples are together or not with everyone striving to keep their relationships private. But every now and then couples will find a way to share the status of their relationship with fans, whether it be with Instagram photo uploads or deletes, or a joint statement announcing their separation, or a quick comment.

It looks like Reginae Carter is choosing the comment route to update people on her love life with rapper YFN Lucci. After The Shade Room posted a snippet of Nick Cannon discussing monogamy and marriage on Aug. 9, fans and celebrity peers, including Carter, were in an uproar about his unique views on the subject. Cannon called marriage a “eurocentric concept” and responded to the backlash he received from people for having seven children with four different women.

Reginae Carter
Reginae Carter reveals she and YFN Lucci are no longer together. (Photo: @itsreginaecarter/Instagram)

After listening to the clip, Carter wrote in the comments, “Yeah I’m staying single cause it’s no luck for love anymore 😂😂😂 we’re f- – -ed! Pray for us lol,” hinting that she and Lucci are over. But it looks like it’s been rumored that Carter and Lucci have been done done for at least a week now.

Another rapper by the name of YFN Money, posted a video of him talking on the phone to YFN Lucci, then wrote, “This b*tch call me everyday 24/7 all da time can one y’all ladies talk to dis n*gga @yfnlucci so he can stop callin me 😂.”

Reginae Carter leaves a comment about her relationship. @theshaderoom/Instagram

Fans blasted Carter for her comment and said that it was her choice in men that left her with bad relationships. One person said, “Ma’am you dated a n*gga with multiple bms 😭,” and someone else wrote, “You just have raggedy taste in men.” But the 22-year-old did get some support from other fans. “She ain’t lie they really down playing marriage,” said one person. Another said, “I feel you on that!”

Carter and Lucci dated in 2018 then broke up in 2019 after Lucci attended a party with women performing explicit acts with cucumbers. By November 2020, it was confirmed that the two were together again, but in January he was charged with a December shooting in Atlanta that left one man dead. He went to jail, and Carter showed her support by giving updates about him on Instagram. In February, he was released on $500,000 bond.

He subsequently turned himself back in to Atlanta’s Fulton County Jail in May after being indicted on 105 racketeering counts. He currently remains jailed as he is awaiting his trial.

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